11.05.2019 The Fullest Podcasts

Today’s guest, Adrienne Nolan Smith, has had more than her fair share of disenfranchising and devastating moments with the American healthcare system. At age 11, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease and put on antibiotics to no avail. In college, she lost her period and refused her doctor’s advice to go on birth control (her period returned six months later after working with a naturopath). Later in life, her mother had a manic episode, was sent to a “health center” that more closely resembled jail, and subsequently committed suicide. 

Not one to be beaten by the system, Adrienne began working in a healthcare company with hopes to transform the industry from within. This eventually led her to start WellBe, a platform that uses research-backed lifestyle changes to improve your short and long term health, as well as serving as a guide and support system when chronic health issues do arise so you can figure out the root causes and heal them naturally. 

If you’ve also had challenges with conventional medicine (basically, most of us) grab a matcha and listen in to this incredible healthcare warrior who has even become a Board Certified Patient Advocate to fight on our behalf.

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