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11.26.2019 The Fullest Podcasts

Sometimes it’s a beautiful thing to be lost in life. But this week’s guest, founder of ILIA Beauty Sasha Plavsic, reformatted it to be a pivotal career change. After studying typography and design in London and freelancing for notable branding agencies, she found herself working in the corporate world at Urban Decay. 

Although Sasha had created an illustrious career for herself, she still felt a sense of aimlessness. Fortunately, she was able to return to her family home to regroup and recharge — a decision not easy to make, but in the end, one that was absolutely right. 

After life offered up a few serendipitous events that led to her making her own chapstick, Sasha began to investigate the beauty industry where she soon realized the need for clean products — thus, the beginning of her cosmetics brand, ILIA Beauty.

After eight years of steady growth, her company has just gone through its first round of funding (a slower natural business progression which Sasha prefers). To her, building something with integrity takes time, blooms bigger, and has more beautiful results. Listen up here!

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