Madly Forever: Emily Pereira

11.01.2019 The Fullest Podcasts

This week, we sit down with Emily Pereira, a woman who truly embodies life’s before and after moments. Her “after” moment consists of hosting international retreats as a certified yoga and writing teacher, while simultaneously growing her bustling career as a life and relationship coach. However, her “before” moment was another story… 

On paper, Emily looked like she had the picture-perfect vision board life. In fact, it took a Saturn Return breakdown to make her realize her life needed a major pivot. Emily’s gear change came in the form of her boyfriend cheating on her. As an added bonus, he also got to keep most of their friends in the relationship divorce. Lost and looking for answers, Emily’s story took a series of twists and turns that ultimately ended up aligning her with her highest calling.

Most of us can relate to Emily’s story, whether we are currently experiencing our own life implosion, are in the middle of a major transition, or are already on the other side, counting our blessings for the very thing that once seemed impossible to overcome. 

Wherever you are on the life-change scale, this episode is peppered with nuggets of high genius to keep you falling Madly Forever in love with your life.

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