Get Unconditional Skin Confidence with Celeste Thomas of The True Spoon

11.23.2019 Life
Annie Kim
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If you’re struggling with an unwanted skin condition (and most of us are — hi, acne, blemishes, eczema, and scarring!) you’ve likely read, tried, and re-tried every trick in the skincare book. You also probably have a drawer overflowing with products, masked in disappointment, that once coaxed you with promises like “Rapid Action Vanishing Treatment!” or “Maximum Removal Strength!” The amount of money wasted and the emotional turmoil caused by the cycle of hope given — and then taken away — is utterly exhausting and only worsens your skin. 

Celeste Thomas, registered nurse, skincare expert, and the creator of The True Spoon, a holistic skincare and wellness lifestyle blog that inspires skin confidence, didn’t always spark the kind of conviction and love for life she is known for today. “If you’ve been an acne sufferer, you know how life changing it can be,” recalls Thomas. “It is one of the most challenging emotional conditions… one that completely affects your mood, energy and social calendar.” 

Throughout her years-long skincare journey, Thomas has spent countless hours experimenting and researching what her skin needs.

She’s found that it’s not about one type of miracle skincare product, but rather sticking to a consistent routine and blending holistic skincare practices with a healthy lifestyle.

Other than dutifully cleansing and massaging the dirt and environmental pollutants off the skin each morning and night, Thomas encourages her community to ingrain two essential aspects into their daily regimen: 1 ) a 10-15 minute mindfulness meditation practice to set intentions mentally, emotionally, and physically, and 2 ) caring for gut health.

The skincare guru avoids consuming foods with preservatives and pesticides which she says kills our microflora (healthy gut bacteria that absorbs antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients needed to keep skin looking healthy).

“Your skin is the base reflection of what’s happening internally,” she explains. “So you can’t just band-aid it.” 

To keep her gut and GI system healthy, Thomas creates her own fermented foods like veggies and probiotic coconut yogurt, Mezcal Spritz Cocktail, and Tutu’s Famous French Dijon Vinaigrette Dressing which she shares with her readers on her site.

The education and power that comes with the knowledge she has cultivated in her journey has helped her achieve what she calls “unconditional skin confidence.” To her, skin confidence is knowing why your skin is acting out and how you can take preventative measures to obtain youthful, glowing skin. True unconditional skin confidence will flow into every aspect of your life, manifesting beauty and self-assurance from the inside out. 

“No matter what your skin is looking like at any moment or what pops up, you have the knowledge and confidence in knowing how to heal your skin and make choices that support it,” describes Thomas. “From there you can take on any situation.” 

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