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11.07.2019 Arts & Culture
Sable Massingill
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“We learned how to work with raw cacao, coconut, and coffee beans straight from the source. But most importantly we learned about ethnobotanical medicines that grow naturally from local farmers and healers in the area,” recounts Krysia Zajonc, referring to the time she spent running an organic chocolate and coffee shop in the Caribbean rainforest of Costa Rica with her husband.

For the two of them, this experience would be the launching pad for Moodbeli, a wellness brand offering ancient plant blends and adaptogenic tonics for a modern daily ritual. 

Inspired by Blue Zones and the way the area’s botanicals and mushrooms play into longevity and wellness, the couple wanted to find a way to share this knowledge with more people. 

“We figured that if we removed the sugar from the chocolate then it would be accessible for more people, and if we removed the cocoa butter, it removed the perishability and the melting factor. So once these two things are removed, you’re basically left with cacao powder and ancient tonic botanicals,” explains Zajonc of the process that led to their first products, the Bliss Booster and the Mushroom Adaptogen. “It was a chocolate bar, minus the things you thought were supposed to go in a chocolate bar.” 

At the heart of the brand is a love and passion for plants and the transformational power of adaptogens. 

While it may seem like there is a new “superpower adaptogen” on every wellness website these days, that is where Moodbeli differs — they do not promote or use ingredients that are super hard to harvest and/or find.

“Even though there are trends, we have to find a way to explain to the consumer that some adaptogens take a really long time to grow and are in some cases impossible to cultivate organically,” says the founder. 

Moodbeli goes to great lengths to use only ingredients that are good for the customer and the planet. Every ingredient must be sourced sustainably, ethically, and organically, also taking into account how it has been used historically. One casualty of this standard is Rhodiola, an adaptogen known as the brain-fog banisher. Unable to work with a sustainable source for it, the ingredient will soon be discontinued from all Moodbeli products. Instead, consumers can find and enjoy blends using Cacao, Matcha, Holy Basil, Ashwagandha, and Reishi. 

“One of the reasons that we print the ingredients on the front of our jars is that we want people to be able to develop a personal relationship with those ingredients, not just with the blend. So, if you can figure out how to grow Ashwagandha at home that’s too bad for us, but it’s a great thing for the world,” offers Zajonc with a smile.  

Indeed, all seven of the brands adaptogens, botanics, and mushroom blends are created in a top-notch facility, with all ingredients being third-party tested to ensure a pure product. 

Zajonc encourages those who are new or curious about adaptogens to start small, be consistent, enjoy the experience, and experiment with all different applications.  

“If you’re a coffee person, put them in your coffee. If you’re a green tea person, put them in your green tea. We don’t include any sugar so that people can decide for themselves if this is going to be a sweet product or a savory product,” she explains.

“We want people to dip their spoons in everyday, listen to their body, and move away from things that don’t feel right.”

Another tip the entrepreneur offers her customers is to purchase a milk frother. She says the small hand-held buzzer is key when getting into the adaptogen game. Since Moodbeli products don’t have any emulsifiers in them they don’t perfectly dissolve and disappear into liquid — so a frother can easily help anyone become an adaptogen blending expert. 

Yet another unique offering for those looking to incorporate adaptogens into their everyday lives is the brand’s Cloud Powder, a dairy-free creamer that can be added to and paired perfectly with all of their blends for an instant creamy, sugar, and dairy-free latte. Loaded with “tocos” (rice bran solubles, rich in vitamins and biotin) and organic coconuts, the creamer supports healthy skin and electrolyte levels. 

“Ultimately, the goal for us was that if we can get people to start this indulgent daily tonic ritual in their day-to-day and start to reconnect with their food and their food source, then they can see how they are more connected to the planet as a whole,” explains Zajonc, with a genuine passion you can almost taste. 

It is Moodbeli’s mission to change the way we look at food — and make the process as easy as possible in the process. And with a blend and recipe for every mood from sleep to focus, their products are truly the perfect addition to any wellness routine. Stay tuned this holiday season for a few new products to round out their collection. 

Sable Massingill is a writer, connector, and entrepreneur exploring the intersection of wellness, culture, and travel. You can find her in the window seat on her next flight at or on Instagram at

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