An IRL Filter That Protects You From Screen Radiation

11.29.2019 Life
Julia Piantini
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The average American spends at least three hours a day on their phone and an alarming seven to eight hours per workday in front of a computer. Thanks to advancements in both modern technology and the Internet, everything we could ever want is at the tips of our fingers — our lives completely centered around screens. 

However, while technology does provide a great sense of convenience, it also brings about dependency, addiction, and chronic exposure to blue light. 

Light exists on a spectrum and can be broken into visible and invisible light. While there are all different colors of light, the cones in the human eye can only see red, blue, green, or a combination of these three. The light we cannot seen is known as UV light. 

Red light is considered to be therapeutic and restorative, while natural blue light helps balance our circadian rhythm, boost alertness, and help cognitive function. A secondary source for blue light (which comes from digital screens, electronic devices, fluorescent lighting, and LED lighting) has one of the shortest wavelengths, meaning it travels quickly, produces a lot of energy, flickers constantly, and can be extremely damaging. 

In recent years, more and more studies have proved that long-term exposure to blue light can damage the retina and interrupt the production of melatonin, causing insomnia, depression, anxiety, and weight gain. It can even penetrate the hypodermis (the deepest layer of the human skin), causing pigmentation and the breakdown of collagen, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

After entrepreneur Justina Anzulovich began researching the effects that blue light has on skin, she realized that when it came to technology, nothing “clean” existed — so she set out to change the skincare game with Save (ur pretty) Face

Founded in September of this year, Save (ur pretty) Face is a collection of Japanese tempered glass screen protectors, designed to not only block blue light, but also blue light radiation. 

A daily SPF user, Anzulovich had always been conscientious about taking care of her skin. 

She found it curious how people are so adamant about blocking their skin from the sun’s rays, only to be inside all day exposed to another bright — and very unnatural — light from our electronics.

When she met a man at a meditation class who had previously worked in China making glass covers who had a connection with a Tesla glass developer, she knew it was kismet. Plans were put into work and Anzulovich began reaching out to developers overseas. Despite a number of deadend conversations, she was able to put together a production and development team — one she trusted who wouldn’t cut corners. 

While there is no technology made yet that can successfully block 100% of blue light, Save (ur pretty) Face blocks anywhere from 40-70%. The screen protector is built with a silver ion that also acts as a natural antibacterial. (Cell phones are riddled with bacteria that can infect the pores on your skin.) Since the ion is built into the glass, the screen protector will work for as long as it’s on the phone. 

More than just a product, Save (ur pretty) Face is a platform for education and empowerment. Anzulovich’s goal is not to make people hate or feel guilty about using their phones, but rather to develop a healthier relationship with them. With Save (ur pretty) Face’s IRL filters you can use your phones shame-free while staying safe and, of course, staying pretty. 

Julia Piantini is a writer living in Miami, Florida. Find her on Instagram at @julia_piantini.

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