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November’s fullest-Scopes Are In

Nyssa Grazda
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In November, Venus enters exploratory Sagittarius, inspiring romantic adventure, but Mercury will be retrograde in Scorpio until November 20th, so check your emotions and use caution when handling information that requires discretion. The Full Taurus Moon helps foster inner peace and security, and the Sagittarius New Moon propels us forward into a vision of a future without fear. On November 27th, Neptune stations direct in Pisces, grounding the dreams our subconscious minds molded over the past five months in the hope they might become tangible realities. 

Aries — 

With the Sun in your 8th house of transformation, you’re aiming to get to the bottom of something in November. No secret or mystery is too small to investigate, as you sense you’re on the cusp of a breakthrough which will yield inner peace. Because of your heightened intuition, this month might be a relatively private time for you. The Taurus Full Moon on the 12th favors sensuality and nonverbal communication. Consider a ritual using flavor, color, and movement. The Sagittarius New Moon on the 26th inspires wanderlust. 

Taurus — 

The Sun is traveling through your partnership house this month, amplifying a longing for connection and compromise, but Mercury’s retrograde backslide through the same terrain until the 20th makes for romantic misunderstandings and upsets. Be sure you are ultra-clear in your conversations with loved ones, and avoid signing important contracts. The Full Moon in your sign on the 12th brings balance to relationships by encouraging both parties to listen to each other, while the Sagittarius New Moon on the 26th inspires passion and intimacy. 

Gemini —

Your focus is on wellness this month, but Mercury retrograde until the 20th hinders headway in health matters. Don’t fret — this period provides opportunities to reevaluate routines or regimens that initially seemed good on paper but don’t feel good in practice. The Taurus Full Moon on the 12th urges you to cultivate boundaries against stress factors. Your attention shifts to matters of the heart once the Sun enters your relationship house on the 23rd, so set your sights on adventure and romance during the Sagittarius New Moon on the 26th

Cancer —

November is all about doing what makes you feel most alive, so dive into creative pursuits, but be aware that Mercury retrograde until the 20th makes you overly sensitive to critiques of your self-expression. Remember, doubting your talents is really an invitation for you to get quiet with your practice, to rediscover your passion, and not to worry about maximizing your artistic output for others. On the 12th, the Taurus Full Moon illuminates activities with supportive friends, and the Sagittarius New Moon on the 26th motivates you to tackle a new project.  

Leo —

When you release yourself from obligation to past narratives and accept change as a constant, a new, more exciting future becomes possible (at least that’s what the Sun’s transit through your house of roots suggests this month). Mercury retrograde until the 20th assists you in digging deep to transform your origin story to a hero’s tale. The Taurus Full Moon on the 12th suggests for you to stop ruminating about what once was. Re-define yourself by being present in the lives of others. The Sagittarius New Moon on the 26th bestows creative vision. 

Virgo —

Although Mercury retrograde in your communication house clouds interactions in November, you can gain much by leaning into the weirdness and cultivating awareness of your surroundings. Listen. Watch. Pay attention. Much is “spoken” in silence. Use this month to master presence instead of fighting to be noticed and deal with inevitable misunderstandings. The Taurus Full Moon on the 12th helps foster completion of an educational undertaking, while the Sagittarius New Moon on the 26th ignites a desire to create a home or domestic situation you can grow and thrive within.  

Libra — 

You’re preoccupied with self-work in November as the Sun transits your house of money and values. Mercury’s retrograde movement urges you to reevaluate and rewire memories that have caused you to sell yourself short, and by the end of the month, you’ll better understand the origin of self-esteem anxieties so you can offset negative thoughts before they take root. The Taurus Full Moon on the 12th helps you feel confident in your resources, and the New Moon in Sagittarius on the 26th heals an insecurity around straightforward communication… especially in partnership.  

Scorpio —

In November you’re striving to embody your purpose, but Mercury retrograde asks you to reevaluate what you really want to attain in the year to come. If you’ve reached the cusp of a certain goalpost, only to find it’s not what you want after all, use this time to tweak your priorities without shame. The Taurus Full Moon on the 12th suggests finding direction through collaborations, but don’t commit to joint plans until Mercury stations direct on the 20th. The Sagittarius New Moon on the 26th helps you set goals for wealth and success.

Sagittarius —

After a busy October, you might be moved to hibernate for the first part of November before your birthday season begins. Mercury retrograde urges you to interrogate your attachment to unhealthy habits which will help you organically settle into a better relationship with your spiritual side. The Taurus Full Moon on the 12th aligns you with wellness routines that help your body and mind relax, and the New Moon in your sign on the 26th gives you confidence and conviction in the coming year that can’t be disrupted by creative or romantic upsets. 

Capricorn —

Mercury retrograde until the 20th confuses your correspondence with friends and colleagues, unearthing buried secrets and sentiments, so be as direct as possible and tread carefully. In your desire for privacy, you could accidentally lash out at the wrong people, so use this month to determine how to best work with others while upholding proper boundaries. On the 12th, the Taurus Full Moon gives you the confidence to express latent talents, and the Sagittarius New Moon on the 26th inspires the pursuit of a spiritual or creative vision. 

Aquarius —

The Sun is lighting up your career house this month, but Mercury retrograde suggests quadruple-checking all office correspondence. Your emotions may feel stronger than usual, conflating productivity and giving you the unfortunate ability to make enemies, so breathe through the tension and keep your eyes on your own paper. The Taurus Full Moon on the 12th creates calm by diverting energy to relax in your home environment and the Sagittarius New Moon on the 26th forges new friendships with those who share your ideals. 

Pisces —

Are you what you believe, Pisces? This is your question as Mercury retrograde and the Sun align in your house of philosophy and education in November. It’s a great month to reevaluate ideals which have governed your past travels which no longer apply to how you want to live your life. The Taurus Full Moon on the 12th suggests it’s safe to change your mind — there’s no time like the present to learn something new about yourself! The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 26th predicts the start of an exciting career opportunity.

Nyssa Grazda is an LA-based astrological consultant, writer, and intuitive. She speaks to planetary transits, magic, healing, and personal empowerment on her Instagram at @neongeometryastrology.

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