Jennifer Sun of Sun for Soul is busy mixing up an awesome addition to the health scene with her Chinese herb-infused sprouted nut and seed butters. Her delicious offerings welcome newcomers to Chinese medicine with a simple, unintimidating approach to incorporating Chinese herbs into their daily lives. With two variants currently available: “001 Sunrise” (Sprouted Almond Butter) and “002 Sunset Matcha” (a Matcha Pumpkinseed Butter), it’s no wonder why these delicious mixes are taking the wellness industry by storm. 

Sun’s story begins with her parents’ immigration from China to pursue their American dreams in New York City. Sun’s father is a doctor and acupuncturist in New York who she grew up watching as he worked out of their living room. He used Chinese herbs to keep his patients healthy, and always incorporated them into his family’s daily lives as well.

Inspired by her father, Sun graduated from NYU with a bachelor’s in Biomolecular Science and took a job consulting for large pharmaceutical companies. Soon after, however, she realized she was much more fulfilled by and drawn to creating natural products. The budding entrepreneur decided to expand upon what she had learned as a child and sought to bring ancient Chinese medicine and healing to people through nourishing spreads — thus, the beginning of Sun for Soul.

“I love to create adaptogens for conscious consumption. It’s not just another product,” Sun explains of her passion. “Our consumers are eating with intent, they are eating to serve a purpose to the body.”

Sun for Soul has many exciting products and projects on the horizon, including an almond and matcha powder collaboration with CAP Beauty and a women’s hormonal balance product (think Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter) which you’ll soon be able to find along with Sun for Soul’s other products at Erewhon.

On a mission to make 4,000-year-old medicine available to people who may have never considered it before, Sun explains, “We are taking the most often used Chinese herbs to treat specific ailments and creating easy-to-understand nutritional options. Our products make this approach to Chinese medicine accessible to more people by letting people choose what they want to treat and then matching their needs to a product.”

It’s Sun’s own American dream to bring this to the public — helping to teach consumers what they need… and why. 

Angela Kelly is the founder of GutsyMother, a health and wellness site and blog exploring the microbiome as it relates to personal health, fitness, and family health. She is a freelance writer, mama to three small humans, and a gut health enthusiast. You can find her drinking an obscene amount of white tea, running, writing, or enjoying the beach with her tribe. Check out her site at or follow her on Instagram at @GutsyMother.

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