Why Daughter Alchemy is Essential to Your Solo Self-Care Routine

10.15.2019 Life
Sable Massingill
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Janeen Locker is a mother, clinical psychologist, and, as of last year, the founder of Daughter Alchemy — a line of essential oil-based products that allow users to clean their space while claiming it energetically. Handcrafted in her backyard studio, each product is designed with emotional support and improvement in mind. 

Working full-time in her private practice office in Santa Monica treating trauma survivors, Locker sought to clear the space in between the clients she saw. Familiar with the research behind aromatherapy and the positive effects it has on emotional well-being and resiliency, she would regularly try out different brands, eventually deciding to create her own blend. 

Since she couldn’t burn sage in her office building, she formulated her own spray which became the first Daughter Alchemy product, Supreme Space, a transformational protecting spray made from organic white sage and angelica root. 

“When I started my company, I created two sprays and four oil blends. I didn’t want to do too many products — and the ones I did create I wanted to be potent,” says Locker. “I was constantly trying to refine my products until it hit that place where I was like ‘Okay, this is something I would spend my money on.’”   

With over 25 years of experience treating trauma in adolescents and adults in many different treatment settings, Locker knows the importance of coping tools when peoples’ nervous systems are overwhelmed.

“What’s helpful about the oils is that sometimes you’re going through a rough time and you don’t want to call someone in the middle of the night, but you’re having trouble sleeping and your heart is aching — so how do you remedy that?” asks Locker, before continuing, “In a lot of ways, I’ve found essential oils and essential oil blends to be helpful because the plants are always there for you in shifting mood states.” 

Each Daughter Alchemy oil blend — which includes the Moon Mind (a meditative oil), Calm Ground (a grounding oil), Energy Arise (an energizing oil), and Heart Salve (a nurturing oil) — are travel friendly and feature rollerball tops so users can apply them directly to the skin anytime. 

“If you’re in a place where you need to practice resourcing yourself, these products can be helpful,” says the creator. “For instance, Heart Salve is about practicing self-love and soothing a broken heart, forgiveness for others and forgiveness for the self. Moon Mind is great for meditation and can take you deep into yourself. I try to put each singular-note oil out in front of me when I make my blends and sit with them for a while. When I see which one wants to contribute, I’ll intuitively lean towards one ingredient or the other.” 

Named after the alchemical change she experienced when she became a mother, and to honor all women who share the common experience of being daughters, Daughter Alchemy strives to allow people the ability to reclaim sacred space by using the sprays and reconnecting with the natural world through the plants’ essential oils.

“We are living in stressful, crowded times full of overstimulation,” states Locker. “My hope is that Daughter Alchemy oil blends provide an additional emotional coping tool and self-care opportunity.” 

Sable Massingill is a writer, creative connector, and entrepreneur exploring the intersection of wellness, culture, and travel. Visit her at sablemassingill.com or on Instagram at @sablemassingill.

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