In the past decade, chemical sunscreens have come under serious fire due to three main ingredients: avobenzone, retinyl palmitate, and oxybenzone. Studies suggest these chemicals can be harmful, exacerbate hormonal issues, and can even cause cancer. 

In this age where we are being more mindful than ever about what we’re putting on and in our bodies, clean sunscreen has seen a rise in popularity and necessity. VIVE SANA’s plant-based, organic, and mineral sunscreen has risen above the rest and made a name for itself in the sun safety game. Whether you have your eye on the Serum Crema or the Daily Protezione, their products are jam-packed with powerful ingredients like avocado, jojoba, beeswax, and rosemary. 

Unlike other SPF products on the market, VIVE SANA’s offerings are designed to be used daily and won’t irritate the skin or cause breakouts.

During the developmental stage of the company, co-owner and founder Seth Hayber knew it was crucial to create a formula with absolutely no irritants. “Lots of natural ingredients irritate the skin over time,” he explains, suggesting that many “green” skin products are not designed for long-term use. “Every ingredient we use is designed to support the skin.”

That intention is what makes this product so much more than just a sunscreen, as it improves blood flow and detoxifies the skin (not to mention the zinc that acts as a cancer blocker or the antioxidants that attack free radicals). 

It is Hayber’s mission for consumers to understand that it isn’t just about protecting yourself at the pool or beach, but rather about making skincare a daily part of your routine — and, if we can wear a product that not only acts as extra protection but also works to improve our skin… why wouldn’t we?

Julia Piantini is a freelance writer and blogger living in Miami, Florida. For a complete collection of both her professional and personal works, visit her at, or on Instagram at @Julia_piantini. 

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