The True Spoon

10.22.2019 The Fullest Podcasts

Finally, it’s here: the skin episode. 

This week Nikki sits down with Celeste Thomas, founder of skincare blog, The True Spoon. A bonafide skin guru in more ways than one, Celeste is a self-proclaimed product junkie who has used her six years of experience as a registered nurse in a skin clinic to share the ups and downs of living a life with acne and complexion-confidence. 

Together, Nikki and Celeste candidly unpack and demystify a variety of skin myths and taboos, including the dairy dilemma, dermal fillers, sugar damage, and — the most commonly prescribed and hotly debated — Accutane. 

The skin guru also shares her must-have skincare lines that won’t break your beauty bank and a few practical DIY skin tips. Listen up for a healthy glow.

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