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10.08.2019 The Fullest Podcasts

“Facebook is really the enemy of new motherhood.”  Diana Barnes

After hearing about the harrowing case of Carol Coronado, the mother who took the lives of her three children in a postpartum psychotic state and was sentenced to three life sentences with no possibility of parole, Eamon Harrington and Veronica Brady needed to try to understand the seemingly incomprehensible. They began the podcast Not Carol, now also a feature-length documentary. In it, the country’s leading legal and medical experts explore the dark world of postpartum mental illness through the prism of this gut-wrenching murder case. 

With exclusive access to the Coronado family and legal team, they drill down on the cause and effect of postpartum psychosis. How could a young, loving mother of three take the lives of the daughters she adored so much? How is it that none of her family or friends sensed she was having difficulty? Why are hundreds of mothers killing their babies every year and no one is talking about it?

This week, we are fortunate enough to have Eamon and Veronica on the show, as well as Diana Barnes, a psychotherapist specializing in women’s reproductive health and cases of infanticide. Together they unpack the issue of infanticide law, the difference between postpartum depression and psychosis, the role social media plays on mothers battling the illness, and the sad realization that the majority of cases come from a lack of support and resources for new moms.

It’s a heavy topic, but one we are privileged to support and share with our community. Please listen gently.

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