Biet Simkin

10.29.2019 The Fullest Podcasts

Even if you’ve only dipped your spiritual toe in the meditation waters, chances are you’ve already heard of today’s guest, Biet Simkin

Yes, she’s a renowned meditation teacher and spiritual author but she also brings a sense of modern sensibility (and a little edge) to ancient wisdom — and is often referred to as the David Bowie of spiritual circles. How cool is that!?!

Born to a shamanic father, Simkin was meditating from the time she was in diapers… but her life hasn’t always been so zen. She’s dealt with her fair share of earth plane grief, primarily her mother, father, and four-month-old baby all dying during her young adult life. 

Signed to Sony Records at age 19, she moved in NYC party circles for years, until she finally fell to pieces as a heroin addict. Today, Simkin brings 30+ years of spiritual teaching and a lifetime of heartbreak and rock n’ roll to Morning Matcha and we couldn’t be more thrilled — or is that blissed out?

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