HRBLS Chews Are the Easiest Way to Add Herbs to Your Life

10.29.2019 Arts & Culture
Charlotte Farrell
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The plant kingdom is awesome — and that’s exactly what herbalist and holistic health practitioner Rachelle Robinett wants you to understand. Growing up on a farm in the Pacific Northwest, she developed an intimate relationship with nature, but rejected the thought of centering her life around the bounties of the environment. When a move to New York City called, she was led far from the lush green forests and diverse gardens she had once called home. 

However, it was in the concrete jungle of NYC that a magnetic draw kept pulling her back into what was so central to her development. It was ingrained in her DNA and psyche that — like the inaugural roots of a fledgling seed — her curiosity for nature only deepened and grew. 

Today, Robinett is combining the slow paced life of the country with the bustling life of the city, expanding what we know about herbs — which are rapidly becoming critical when approaching the struggles of modern day life. More than ever, stress and anxiety are impacting our bodies in ways that, up until recently, we were unaware of in terms of harmfulness. Mysterious rashes, chest pains, TMJ disorders, IBS, and the like can all be attributed to stress. 

So if you burn the candle at both ends working for some corporate juggernaut, have a chronic illness or another burden that makes finding balance out of reach, how do you prioritize wellness? 

Finding time to take a bath, meditate, and journal can seem totally daunting — where do you even begin? 

Robinett sought to easily answer this question when she created HRBLS Supernatural Chews, a delicately sweet, chewy, and honestly adorable pocket-sized, plant-based, and potent “snack remedy” infused with a special blend of herbal extracts. Tiny but mighty, they may be dainty in size but are powerful and effective.

Chock full of “nervines,” (aka: herbs that specifically target the nerves and help the body adapt to stress), the herbalist included elements like: 

Lavender: Regulates emotions and memory, and can be as beneficial (or more) than the wellness world’s sweetheart, CBD. 

Ashwagandha: The sole adaptogen on the list, this mighty ingredient has been shown to lower cortisol levels.

Skullcap: A comforting herb, Robinett likens them to nature’s Xanax — minus the sedative effect.  

Oatstraw: A plant for nourishing your nervous system that’s also high in B vitamins. 

L-Theanine: Incredible for neurotransmitter balance and doesn’t take much to work.

In a nutshell, HRBLS are a unique blend of nervous system supportive herbs that will provide just the right amount of benefits. “I wanted them to be potent enough to work really well and also not to be used as a sedative,” Robinett explains. “They won’t put you to sleep, but they will help you feel calm and focused so you can function during the day.”

Herbal medicine helps “shift the balance of your reactivity to life,” Robinett states, adding that she knows firsthand what it feels like to live in a body that is afraid of everything, believing in the importance of having the appropriate stress response to the things that scare you. 

HRBLS are a welcomed force that hopes to provide relief in an overstimulated, toxic, and fast world, while reconnecting us to nature and reestablishing a valuable relationship with our minds and bodies. 

So whether you’re like Robinett and pop an HRBLS later in the day when work starts to wear on your spirit, before you take off on a bumpy flight, or even while on your commute (because fighting over subway seats is exhausting), the choice is yours. By taking such a deliciously small step, you are on your way to finding balance that works from the inside out, rather than the other way around. 

And with two new formulations on the way — one for energy, the other for digestion — as well as her Supernatural Cafe launching soon in NYC and the debut of HRBLS refills (for those of us wanting to constantly restock), Robinett hopes to spread the word about the power of nature — one bite at a time. 

Charlotte Farrell is a writer and editor who loves nothing more than a piping hot matcha latte and rambling on about topics to the tune of wellness, self-care, food, climate change, sustainability, clean beauty, fitness, mental health, and travel. She is based in NYC where she enjoys reading, writing, exploring, and hunting for gluten-free pastries.

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