For many women breast health is often an afterthought… that is, until we’re diagnosed with an imbalance. 

Breasts are the gatekeepers of our hearts and often reflect our emotional states, holding a very specific and particular type of energy called nurturance. Imbalances show up when this energy is out of balance, asking us to turn our love and attention inwards. 

Whether women are dealing with cyclical breast pain, cysts, fibrocystic breasts, fibroadenomas, tumors, or cancer, there are many types of various herbs and rituals that can help support the body in healing.

Helpful herbs:

Violet leaf works directly with breast tissue, helping to smooth out fibrous cysts, lumps, tumors, infections, or growths. Cooling, anti-inflammatory, and a beautiful remedy for heartbreak, violet leaf is often associated with attracting powerful and healing vibrations.

Dandelion is wonderful for the prevention and treatment of various breast diseases and conditions like cysts, tumors, cancer, fibroadenomas, lumps, sore breasts, inflammation, suppressed lactation, and swollen breast lymph glands. It has a detoxifying effect and helps to protect and heal the liver while aiding the body in excreting excess estrogen. It’s also a great breast lymph detoxifier, eases breast congestion, and restores a sense of belonging and connection.

Burdock is one of the most detoxifying cooling herbs for healing inflammation, supporting liver health, and encouraging healthy estrogen metabolism. Improving lymphatic flow and stimulating the immune system, its fresh root binds and removes heavy metals and chemicals. Burdock is known to reverse abnormal cellular changes, pre-cancers, and in situ cancers. 

Milk thistle protects and detoxifies the liver, helping it excrete hormones efficiently. A congested liver can often lead to an increase in excess estrogen by allowing hormones to circulate longer in the bloodstream. Estrogen is a cell division stimulator and will fuel the growth of fibroadenomas, cysts, lumps, tumors, and cancer. Milk thistle is anti-inflammatory, reduces inflammation, and may even prevent damage from chemotherapy. 

*Burdock, dandelion, and milk thistle have a special synergy and work well when used together.

Relieving rituals:

Breast massage is an invaluable tool for breast health as breasts contain an abundance of lymph vessels that are responsible for draining toxins from the breast tissue. When the lymph system becomes stagnant, toxins are retained and proper nutrition and oxygenation of the breasts are inhibited. Ill-fitting bras, poor posture, and a tight neck and shoulder muscles can all reduce lymphatic flow and drainage. Breast massage boosts blood circulation, detoxifies toxins and excess estrogen, enhances the elasticity of ligaments, prevents breasts from sagging, reduces breast tenderness, increases breast milk production, helps unblock clogged milk glands, and releases stagnant energy. 

Breast masks are a beautiful way to create ceremony around honoring and nurturing yourself. Because breasts are like sponges and soak up not just chemicals and heavy metals, but also emotions, applying a breast mask is a way to detoxify and heal breast tissue, while simultaneously taking a moment to celebrate you.


Castor oil (organic, cold pressed, and hexane free)

French green clay powder

Chlorella powder

Charcoal powder

2 drops of Frankincense essential oil


1 | Start with smaller amounts (about 1 teaspoon), making sure it’s enough to completely cover your chest area.

2 | Apply to breasts and chest area up to the collarbone and underneath the armpits.

3 | Visualize the mask binding to the toxins and eliminating them via the lymph system.

4 | Apply your favorite breast oil afterwards and follow with a breast massage to further clear toxins and stagnant energy. Enjoy this beautiful and nurturing time with yourself. 

Rachelle Poitras is a certified holistic nutritionist, herbalist, and the founder of Metanoia, an online journal that inspires awareness in holistic breast health. Metanoia offers tips, tools, and information that help women heal their breast imbalances. Through her online workshops she aims to empower women to learn how to heal, works one-on-one with women, and offers formulas for custom holistic breast masks that are tailored to individual needs and goals. 

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