Sure, I understand a shirtless photo (or the occasional story of my dad dancing in new sneakers) will receive a lot of attention on social media. It comes with the gig. 

But what I like to think sets me apart from the rest of the wellness influencers out there are the dessert recipes I create and post myself. Sugar, gluten, and grain-free, they are made to avoid blood sugar spikes and inflammation. At times, I’ll even get creative by topping them with a probiotic frosting or superfood adaptogenic mushroom chocolate sauce. They’ve become so popular in fact, that some would say I’ve amassed a sort of “cult following” on Instagram. 

I’ve found that the guiltless treats that usually make the biggest dent in social media land are the simpler recipes that remind my followers of their favorite childhood desserts. 

For my latest creation, nostalgia played a huge part. 

I grew up in Northern California and used to love traveling to Pier 39 in San Francisco for a fun day away from home. I’ll never forget this one particular spot that served tiny donuts, piping hot out of the deep fryer and smothered in a mix of cinnamon and sugar. Ever since I started making healthier desserts I’ve wanted to recreate these donuts and finally think I’ve mastered it. (Or, at least Instagram thinks I have… 3,500 likes and counting — no shirtless selfie or dad dance needed).


½ cup minus 2 tablespoons Coconut Flour 

2 tablespoons Cassava Flour 

½ cup powdered Lakanto (blend on high until powdered)

¼ teaspoon aluminum free Baking Soda

2 tablespoons Cinnamon

¼ teaspoons Pink Salt

4 Pastured Eggs

2 tablespoons full-fat organic Coconut Milk (or unsweetened Almond Milk)

⅓ cup melted grass-fed Ghee (or Butter)

1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract 


3 tablespoons Brain Octane Oil (or melted Coconut Oil)

3 tablespoons raw Lakanto (leave in granule formdo not blend)

1 tablespoon Cinnamon 


1 | Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Combine all wet ingredients in one bowl, and all dry ingredients in another. Mix them both separately. 

2 | Add dry to wet mix and hand stir until combined. Let batter sit while greasing up each donut mold with ghee or coconut oil.

3 | Add batter to each mold, leaving enough room for each to rise. 

4 | Bake for 12 minutes. Check the donuts by sticking a fork inside to make sure they aren’t too gooey. Take them out of the oven to let cool before removing from the molds. 

5 | Add 3 tablespoons of oil to one bowl and mix the raw lakanto and cinnamon in another. Dip the top of each donut into the oil and then immediately into the dry mixture, pressing and rotating until enough of the topping sticks to each donut. Enjoy!

*Makes six to eight donuts. 

Crosby Tailor is a Los Angeles-based modern day renaissance man. He’s a model, health and wellness influencer, sugar-free dessert chef, founder of The Wildfire Initiative, and partner in the hydrogen infused water company, Trusii. He’s been profiled internationally by publications such as Vogue, Sunday Times UK, Elle, and Mr. Porter. Catch up with him on Instagram at @crosbytailor or on his website, where he shares healthy recipes and fitness tips, but also stresses the importance of self-empowerment and bridging the gap between one’s body, mind, and soul. 

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