We’ve all been there. The pain from our periods, PCOS, and endometriosis for many can be a close second to childbirth. Debilitating, it can prevent us from participating in everyday activities like going to school, focusing on our careers, and taking care of our children.
Often, we’ll pop a Midol or other over-the-counter drug that will provide slight relief, but will, in turn, wreak havoc on our entire bodies instead of concentrating on the one specific area that actually needs it.
In today’s world, where there are many matters affecting our health beyond our control like environmental toxins, cleaning products, and radiation absolutely everywhere, we want to live our lives as clean as possible (without stressing out, obvi).

Our favorite sexual health brand, Foria, has heard our cries and knows that addressing localized pain is the future of medicine.

They’ve created CBD-enhanced suppositories that manage hormonal pain, holistically.

Pure, organic, and fast working, suppositories can be used vaginally or rectally, delivering 100mg of broad-spectrum CBD to the area that needs it, without all the nasty side effects and toxins of other pain remedies. 

Whether it’s lessening pain during your period, endometriosis, or even while having sex (any new mamas out there?), finally making the switch to suppositories never felt so right.

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