Palo Santo? Check! Jade Roller? Check! Meditation App? Check! Vibrator? Um…

In an era where self care is synonymous with overall better health, the tools we use have become as important as the act itself. We want the best because we’ve gotten to a point as wellness consumers where we prioritize quality in our search for sanity, clarity, and feeling better. 

But what about the act of masturbation? It seems that many women have reached a point of understanding that it’s beneficial for multiple reasons, but the taboos surrounding the practice still hang over like an ominous, judgmental dark cloud. 

It comes as no surprise that, according to Indiana University’s National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, women fall at least 10-15 percentage points behind men when it comes to partaking in solo sessions. Additionally, one 2013 study found that over 50% of ladies have reported faking an orgasm, which indicates we have a ways to go before there is equal pleasure between the sexes.

The key to getting past these age old misconceptions lies in understanding why masturbation is so important to the status of your mental health (beyond the initial idea of having a moment of pleasurable fun), and then figuring out what to use to ensure your time spent is maximized for optimal “pleasure-town” seeking.

Cue Voodoo, a line of self-love toys whose founders are on a mission to de-stigmatize pleasure, sensuality, and sexuality. Developed in Los Angeles by a team of experts who have been designing and creating sexual health products for over 15 years, they’re so much more than a trendy range of adult products. Their inspiration is derived from the female empowerment movements of the 70’s and 80’s.

In fact, they recently launched their ‘Summer of Self-Love’ campaign as a reference to the 60’s ‘Summer of Love’ which revolutionarily empowered women when it came to prioritizing the exploration of their bodies in undiscovered ways during an era of such deep repression. 

Voodoo’s nostalgic campaign taps into the body positivity movement in a way that encourages users to strengthen the physical/emotional connection by fully letting go and really getting to know what makes their bodies shimmy and shake. They provide the tools (literally) and information as to why masturbation is just as vital as your next acupuncture appointment or therapy visit. 

Let’s take a look at some more titillating tidbits of info that are sure to make you feel more inclined to throw a party for one:

Self-love and masturbation are important for mental health —

Anyone who has ever successfully masturbated knows the exhilarating climax, a well as the exquisite halo of good vibes that follows post ‘gasm. Scientifically, however, there’s more to this effect than you may have originally thought. The parts of your brain associated with stress, anxiety, and confidence have shifted their focus of control, leading to feelings of higher self-esteem and a better body image. The act is paramount to getting in touch with who you are and bridging the gap between your body and your mind in the hopes of becoming comfortable in your own skin.

You’ll have better sex —

Tuning into what catapults you into a state of enchantment has been shown to aide when another party comes into the picture. In finding more of that aforementioned confidence with yourself, you’ll be more prepared with your sexual partners in asking for exactly what you want — empowering, isn’t it?

Vibrators have been around for a long time — 

Since their conception in the 1880’s, the purpose of the vibrator has always been out of necessity for relief. In fact, in the 19th century they were used to treat female patients with hysteria suffering from symptoms that included ongoing anxiety, irritability, and then some. Thankfully, modern interpretations are less bulky, compact, and, dare we say it — cute.

Thanks to the pleasure pros at Voodoo, there are vibrators for every person, from the bashful newbies to the seasoned vets who want to switch things up. In a world where so many of us feel out of control, this is your chance to take the reins, push a button, and enjoy.

Check out Voodoo on their site, or on Instagram at @voodoo.vibe.

Charlotte Farrell is a writer and editor who loves nothing more than a piping hot matcha latte and rambling on about topics to the tune of wellness, self-care, food, climate change, sustainability, clean beauty, fitness, mental health, and travel. She is based in NYC where she enjoys reading, writing, exploring, and hunting for gluten-free pastries.

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