ON & ON Spa Begins with an Analysis of Your Emotional State

09.05.2019 Arts & Culture
Madeline Levy
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Kauai’s ON & ON Spa leads a new era of skin and body care where vitality is freedom. They are a wellness hub that understands there are many different routes to the same destination and are there full-heartedly to find and support each person’s individual journey. What sets this spa apart from the many others of its kind (besides its location on one of the earth’s most beautiful islands) is its painstakingly on-point attention to detail and its mission to dig deeper. Here are some of our favorite parts that make ON & ON so spot ON…

They explore emotional intelligence and energetics — 

Even before crossing the threshold and entering the ON & ON realm, the scent of frankincense and cinnamon magnetizes you through their front door. After a warm greeting, all visitors and walk-ins are offered complimentary freshly brewed tea, still water, or the fullest’s own Saffron Latte to encourage moments of active meditation. In the middle of the space they have a communal table where conversations and laughter are encouraged. 

Part of ON & ON’s interest in emotional intelligence is making an effort to speak in the affirmative positive, eliminating mundane questions and generic dinner party conversations like “How are you?” or “What do you do for a living?” 

During their build out, they strategically placed rose quartz under the floorboards, and all their tools and techniques encourage subtle energetic shifts. Treatments are designed to create a feeling of relaxed revitalization, with the intention of each treatment to better encourage vitality on a physical, cellular, and emotional level. Sure enough, an experience at ON & ON makes guests feel present and alert. 

Their practices speak for themselves — 

They are a spa not interested in shaming or judging. They are not trying to change anyone or prove a certain way is right, rather they are interested in generating opportunities to be undefined, while creating a sense of wellbeing that is comprised of small, potent, and complete acts for being alive and feeling well. Chelsea McCarthy, one of the founders of ON & ON says, “I am tired of culture telling me there is something wrong with me. I don’t believe I have to be beach bod ready, that I need cosmetic alterations, and a thigh gap.” 

Realizing there is much more to health than appearance, many of the treatments they offer focus on supporting lymphatic circulation, detoxification, metabolic and vascular boosts, cellular regeneration, and elasticity, while also creating shifts in the body. ON & ON’s mission is to support the whole self and to remember that we are one body — a collective whole. 

“Watching your bodies responsiveness to being cared for is radical,” explains McCarthy. “Realizing that your body and the way it feels and moves can shift is life changing. If one watches how their body adapts, they may think, “If my body can do that, what else is possible?”

You’ll leave with more than you came with —

Whether it be a better knowledge of your body, energy, information about products and treatments, or even a Hanalei lunch recommendation, ON & ON is known to be generous with their offerings. When buying products, ON & ON provides educational tools so you’ll learn how to incorporate each purchase into your daily rituals. They focus on accessibility, they are gratuity-free, and they have a huge range of options for products (including a $26 organic face lotion and a $440 serum). Truly, a place for everyone. 

Look out for ON & ON’s first product, an organic body wash this winter, alongside the introduction of their e-commerce site. 

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