The Balanced Blonde

09.24.2019 The Fullest Podcasts

Jordan Younger is the blogger formerly known as The Blonde Vegan. After years of  issues with health and digestion from a young age, Jordan decided to document her journey, becoming one of the earlier adopters of wellness blogging. When her career coincided with the boom of Instagram she quickly became wellness-famous. 

Like many of us interested in the wellness space, Jordan experienced borderline extremes in pursuit of vitality. Realizing the need for a more even-keeled approach, she rebranded to The Balanced Blonde and became a leading voice on orthorexia, even appearing on Good Morning America and The Today Show.

However, not everyone was a fan of the name change. Many media outlets rejigged her story and painted a picture that was not entirely representative of the truth, and many people — especially the vegan community — had some not so positive “feedback” for the influencer. 

Taking it all in stride the best she could, Jordan doubled down on her own journey and continued to search for a cure to her ongoing digestive issues. Only recently has she found the root of the problem: Lyme Disease. 

After years of fighting doctors who would constantly tell her there’s nothing wrong, for Jordan it has been strangely relieving to finally be diagnosed with the condition that’s been causing her so much strife. Always a trailblazer, The Balanced Blonde is determined to not let anybody throw her off balance — whether that’s a doctor, hater, or media storm.

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