The Assembly

09.10.2019 The Fullest Podcasts

This week we’re sitting down with Molly Goodson, founder and CEO of The Assembly because… wellness. The Assembly is not your normal health club or co-working space, rather it’s a wellbeing club built by — and for — people who love to work out, work hard, and do it with friends. It’s basically what Molly herself was searching for after shutting down a women’s health coaching app she had created in 2016. 

Roaming the streets of NYC, she longed for community and a physical space to just be — without all the pressure of networking and appearances. So last year, even though she was scared to venture back into the biz world, she did, and The Assembly was born. 

Today, whether it’s through a high-intensity weight training class or while laying on an acupuncture table, whether it’s networking with like-minded new friends or typing away like a #girlboss, San Francisco’s ladies have a place where they can be well together. 

Listen in to Molly’s story for the ups (and occasional downs) of life in the entrepreneurial lane and why she thinks it’s oh so worth it!

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