Madly Forever: Bibi Brzozka

09.27.2019 The Fullest Podcasts

“Let’s talk about (conscious) sex baby.” — Wellness Salt ‘N Pepa

Slowly but surely, there’s a new conversation merging that sits gently between puritanical repression and instant sexual gratification — and we’re here for it. Multiple times.

This week Jessie sits down with conscious sexuality expert, Bibi Brzozka. (Because you can’t have a podcast about conscious relationships without covering conscious sex.) Together these two ladies freely chat about the intersection between sexuality and spirituality, AKA: the ancient art of Tantra. 

Often misunderstood by mainstream media, Tantra has as much to do with presence, compassion, and ego dissolution as it does with achieving the cosmic O. In fact, Bibi didn’t enter the art form due to a dissatisfied sex life but rather through a dissatisfied job in the corporate world and the elusive search for true fulfillment. Tantra has helped her reach new levels of mental, emotional, and physical climax and she has not looked back.

If you’re even just slightly tantra-curious, this one is most definitely worth a listen.

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