Health issues can manifest from physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual bodies — but by looking at the limiting beliefs, habits, and energetic patterns of the Sacral Chakra, we can deepen our understanding of human nature and step into our wholeness. Seen as an orange sphere of energy in the hips and pelvic area of the human anatomy, imbalances in the Sacral Chakra can result in infertility, mood swings, lower back pain, and urinary problems.

Healing its energetic and emotional imbalances requires time, dedication, honesty, and most importantly, compassion — but as you feed your chakras with lifestyle and mindset changes, your anatomy will heal in unexpected ways. 

Here are nine of the most common Sacral Chakra blockages:

1 | Resistance to change —

The hips, pelvic organs, and lower back can suffer when we become rigid in our ways. While the Root Chakra asks us to take action and the Solar Plexus Chakra asks us to remain disciplined, the Sacral Chakra needs qualities such as acceptance, freedom, and softness. It needs us to adapt and be flexible in terms of mindset and anatomy. Reflect on any life changes you’ve been resisting and what has been difficult for you to embrace lately. You may want to receive professional support such as psychotherapy or spiritual counseling in order to integrate your past into the present moment with ease. 

2 | Suppressed creativity —

Reproduction is divine creation. It’s an act of love and an offering that blesses all of humanity. However, there are numerous other ways to create and contribute to society. Allow yourself to pour your love into something that you formulate, design, or build. Whether it’s a particular website, your outfit, dinner, or a book, let yourself exercise the process of creating out of love, knowing that all of these things are worthy of your attention, time, and energy. You can make small but loving offerings to yourself, the Earth, and others by planting a garden, singing to the birds, or knitting for a loved one. 

3 | Low emotional IQ —

The Sacral Chakra is obstructed when we suppress emotions and judge ourselves for emotional reactions. This chakra asks that we feel our feelings but not attach ourselves to the experience. Emotional intelligence is the process of identifying our sensations, witnessing them, and then making the choice to pivot away from low vibrational emotions. The less aware we are of our feelings, the weaker the Sacral Chakra becomes. Practice naming the emotions that arise for you and feeling into them without the need to justify them. You may notice them shift on their own if you allow them to move through you.

4 | Repressed hobbies and passions —

Part of our purpose on earth is to experience passion and love. Without stepping into our purpose, our soul may not feel ready to create and bring more life into the planet. Reflect on your interests, natural skills, and hobbies you’ve taken on or wanted to take on as a child. How can you tend to your inner child? What needs did your inner child have that weren’t fulfilled? Healing the inner child will create a healthier relationship between you and future generations.

5 | Stagnation or lack of movement —

A fundamental right of humanity is to be able to move the physical body. As our society spends more time on electronic devices and working 9-5 jobs at a desk, the physical body’s needs become neglected. Prolonged sitting creates stagnation especially around the hips, lower back, and Sacral Chakra and tightness creates tension in the subtle body (nadis and koshas). Counter this by stretching, practicing hip-opening yoga poses, belly dancing, or using a hula hoop! 

6 | Curbed desires —

For as long as we’re human, we’ll always have dreams and the longing for pleasure. When we deny our wishes and cravings for extended periods of time, we are suppressing our Sacral Energy. Consider the ways in which you deny yourself delights such as food or downtime. Consider how you confront career aspirations, travel plans, or even sexual needs because of how you think you’ll be perceived by others. Begin to choose your joy and release the need to hold yourself back. 

7 | Overlooked uniqueness —

The Sacral Chakra is a celebration of our individuality. Although we’re all special, there is a combination of very distinct skills, perspectives, and experiences that only you have. Do you take time to reflect on them? Do you embrace your distinctiveness? Let yourself journey inwards to know your unique story and honor your strengths.

8 | Sexual trauma —

The human body (cells and DNA) can store the energy of difficult experiences and memories, resulting in blocked Ki, or life force energy. Practice cord cutting meditations to release the power of any trauma from your field. Cord cutting is the process of disconnecting from people, events, or situations that may be draining your energy. Practice with the intention of clearing cords from the womb, as it will clear space for new creation. 

9 | Resistance to intimacy —

Besides sexual intimacy, we may be closing ourselves from relationships or emotions. When we don’t allow ourselves to experience the highs and lows it creates weakness in the Sacral Chakra. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Reflect on the ways in which you attempt to protect yourself and whether these ways are truly sheltering you or weighing you down further. 

Parita Shah incorporates Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, and Chakra Balancing to help clients balance their mind, body, and soul. Parita became interested in Reiki and Meditation when she realized that the stress of her health issues were causing even more health issues, and became determined to break the cycle and find her center. Her energy healing sessions help clients clear unresolved thoughts and emotions and connect to their true essence. Parita is available for healings in Long Island, New York and remotely.

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