In a world full of self-care rituals, it’s time to make room for one more. As the holistic beauty realm seems to expand day-by-day, Wildling aims to transform your clean beauty routine with a sacred and sexy twist.

A farm-to-face organic and fair-trade beauty line, Wildling’s products are full of active botanicals and wild foraged plants — all staple ingredients in their potent facial serums and detoxifying tonics. 

Founded by Jill Munson, Britta Plug, and Gianna De La Torre, the therapeutic use of plants was instilled in their early upbringings (whether that meant frolicking on the rocky Laguna Beach coast, trekking under the warm rays in New Mexico, or collecting leaves from the Canadian forest) and has seamlessly transferred into their form of work today.

The trio’s appreciation and knowledge of sacred plants is what the core foundation for Wildling is based upon — and they’re not just stopping at topical beauty products. Wanting to restore a connection with nature and rediscover a more natural form of beauty, they’ve now advanced their line into a cherished ritual.

The Empress Ritual (a fitting name, indeed) invites you to take time for yourself, starting with the detoxifying and brightening Empress Tonic, followed by the circulating and plumping Empress Oil. To complete the ritual, the Empress Stone (crafted from the Bain Stone and containing over 40 trace minerals necessary for optimum health) melts the products into the skin using the sculpting and lifting gua sha.

This stress-vanishing facial massage opens your body’s energy flow, and squeezing just 10 minutes into your day is both plausible and totally worthwhile. With results equivalent to Botox, it also serves as a remedy for acne-sufferers and offers improvement for those with chronic illnesses and inflammation.

Making headway in the beauty gospel, Wildling is intentionally made for the modern woman, and definitely isn’t a skincare routine that lives in the bathroom cabinet. 

Emily Moore is an avid trinket collector, self-proclaimed poet, trail runner, and lover of all things found in Erewhon Market. Find her at @emmmmillyy or on her website.

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