Why You Need a Constitutional Attorney in Your Contact List

08.11.2019 Career & Finance
Christine Dionese
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I was raised to be a critically-thinking human — it’s in my blood to question everything and I’ve always possessed an innate sense of protecting personal justice. Following suit has never been my modus operandi and I’m a big fan of making my own decisions. I’m just one of millions of Americans who collectively share the belief that each one of us retains the right to protect and uphold our personal sovereignty. 

Today’s media has created a society of haphazard, rushed thinkers that operate their decision-making based on triggered emotions due to reckless media-fueled clickbait. The combo of irresponsible journalism and the dumbing down of information to make things easier to understand for the masses seems to be an invitation to the government to direct our lives and draw us further from understanding and upholding our constitutional rights. The result of perpetuating these practices as a society magnifies those defending their rights as if they’re odd or crazy for questioning the (potentially insane) status quo. 

Today’s government would like to convince you that it’s agencies that know what’s best for your body and that of your child. They seem to think that they should be the unequivocal decision-makers in these very personal matters — that you, the people that know yourself and your children best, lack the skills or intellect to make these important life and family decisions. 

In popular culture a tenet of self-love is stepping into our worth to speak your truth and support others. This is what it means to reclaim our personal sovereignty and protect our rights.

So what happens when our personal beliefs and choices are being threatened in a way that could change life as we know it? What action can we take? 

Enter constitutional law. 

Constitutional law comes in when the government (or other authoritative body) operates to stifle your uncensored speech, your bodily choice rights, your sovereignty, or your personal space without warrant. 

I recently spoke with Greg Glaser, a California based civil law and constitutional rights attorney to ask about what scenarios constitutional law might play into our everyday lives. Here are some scenarios where constitutional law might help:

1 | Protection of kids’ and parents’ rights 

Imagine bringing your child to the hospital for a potential emergency and the hospital suggests a treatment you disagree with. You decide to leave the hospital, but the hospital staff calls Child Protective Services claiming that you could be endangering your child if you refuse treatment.

2 | Unconstitutional searches of electronic devices 

33,295 devices were searched without warrants in 2018 according to the ACLU. 

3 | Unconstitutional searches of property in the home or business

Consider the government recently forcing doctors to release HIPAA-protected information on patients.

Have your rights been defended by a constitutional law attorney? What was your experience? 

Christine Dionese, co-founder of flavor ID is an integrative, epigenetic health and food therapy specialist, as well as a wellness, lifestyle, and food writer. She has dedicated her career to helping others understand the science of happiness and its powerful effects on everyday human health by harnessing the power of the epigenetic landscape. Christine lives, works, and plays in Southern California with her daughter and husband. Stay tuned for Well Examined, her upcoming podcast with the fullest which will explore the depths of personalized wellness and sovereignty for modern living. 

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