I personally look at life as a long adventure. A trip filled with excitement, love, connection, discomfort, and, hopefully, growth. I also look at health and wellness the same way. Your commitment to it should be consistent, but your choice of vehicles should be consistently different. This is where alternative fitness comes in. 

The human body is built to become accustomed to what you put in it and how you move, which is why I always like pushing mine outside of its comfort zone in an attempt to find what my body and soul truly enjoy. Lucky for us we live in a time where fitness and movement are more creative and innovative than ever, so here are my top three tips on fun ways to integrate alternative movement into your daily life…

1 | Plan for your mood and goal — 

On Sunday, plan out your workout schedule for the week. For example: Monday — get my heart rate up in a cardio class, Tuesday — tone, Wednesday — rest, Thursday — outdoor adventure… and so on. Each week find something new and challenging. 

2 | Go on a blind (workout) date — 

Everyone knows there’s nothing like a good “accountabil-a-buddy.” So try taking it a step further and propose “blind workout dates.” You choose one, they choose one, and the other doesn’t know what it is until you both get there — that way there’s no backing out!

3 | Kill two birds with one stone — 

Seek workouts that challenge your body as well as your mind. If working out for physical benefits isn’t what drives you, figure out what’s missing in your daily routine and find a workout that provides that for you. Do you need a mental break, aggression release, or to simply let loose? Working out is as much about strengthening our minds and forgetting about our hectic days as it is about creating strong and healthy bodies.      

With the words ‘Be Good. Do Good.’ inked along her right foot, Kirsten Potenza, CEO and Founder of POUND® – Rockout.Workout., leads her body, life, and business with that very mantra. Potenza founded POUND® at the age of 24, designing it to be something that connected people directly with the beat, using music as an escape to empower and motivate. She aspires to change minds before bodies and strives to create a space and environment where everyone feels welcome and accepted. As a self-proclaimed fitness rebel, Potenza seeks to shift the fitness conversation and be a catalyst for change. Keep up with her on Instagram at @poundfit.  

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