08.13.2019 The Fullest Podcasts

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, marketer, or are just interested in elevating your personal brand (and honestly, who isn’t?) then this ep is for you! This week we talk branding and biz with VP of Brand at Peckish, Lauren Egan. 

In the male-dominated food industry, Lauren is responsible for all the positive chatter surrounding the San Fran based boiled egg startup (yep, it’s a thing!), and is a queen at launching products in the health space — no easy feat in today’s wellness-obsessed world. 

In 2019, it literally feels like there’s a new organic juice, snack, or supplement blowing up our blogs, feeds, and grocery aisles every day. So how do you stand out? What’s your unique elevator pitch? How do you make your packaging pop on the great wall of Whole Foods? Do you cast your net wide or should you go niche? All great questions… and they’re answered right here.

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