08.27.2019 The Fullest Podcasts

This week we’re taking our orgasms sky high and talking all things CBD and feminine pleasure with Foria’s Director of Education, Kiana Reeves. 

Foria Wellness is a pioneering cannabis and hemp brand offering unique products for pleasure enhancement, pain relief, and overall wellness. Kiana explains how the brand is committed to honoring the earth and all its native life, which means these are truly responsibly sourced and clean products for our bodies (like clean enough to use as a lubricant or suppository).

Considering Kiana was a doula prior to coming onto the Foria team, she really does know what’s good for our lady parts, and this week she’s sharing her knowledge with us… so if you’re ready to receive the healing benefits of a CBD climax or curious to explore a greener solution to your period pain, this episode is for you.

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