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07.30.2019 The Fullest Podcasts

This week we’re sitting down with Kathryn Duryea, founder and CEO of Year & Day, the cult tableware brand getting shoutouts from Vogue, Architectural Digest, and yours truly. Year & Day is a direct to consumer brand that offers a high class aesthetic at a reasonable price. (Yep, unlike our parents, you no longer need to wait until you’re rolling in cash to invest in “good plates.”)

Kathryn explains that she developed a love and appreciation for the finer things during her time working for luxury brands. After making the bicoastal move from NYC to San Francisco, Kathryn wanted to really kit out her new place in pieces that aligned with her values and personal style. Unfortunately, when it came to plates nothing was aligning with her budget. 

Stemming from the belief that our tables are the places we nourish our bodies, relationships, and souls, Kathryn wondered why we shouldn’t be making that experience as beautiful as possible? Thus Year & Day was born. 

The entrepreneur talks to us about how she turned a need into a dream, and a dream into a business. She speaks of the importance of owning your worth and her commitment to the design and integrity of her brand. So much so that Year & Day is designed in California and forged, fired, and hand-finished all the way in Portugal (the country that had the highest craftsmanship). 

If you’re an entrepreneur or have a burning idea that you’re trying to manifest, this episode has forkfuls of sage advice. Queue it up and treat yourself to some adult tableware!

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