10 Signs You’re Healing Through Your Trauma

07.23.2019 Life
Parita Shah
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As an energy healer, I guide people through difficult childhood experiences, life transitions, and emotional wounds. Trauma may be recent, decades old, from a previous lifetime, or even inherited from ancestors. So whether you’ve been working on your trauma recently or for what feels like a lifetime, here’s how to tell if you’re making progress in your recovery…

1 | You’ve accepted that you’ve been through something difficult —

You can acknowledge that you’ve experienced a life-changing moment that has impacted you. You accept how your life, mind, body, relationships, finances, or view of the world has shifted from that point. You’re no longer in denial of this experience. 

2 | You allow yourself to go inwards with presence —

You let yourself feel your emotions, as trying as they may be. You release the need to deny your experience or suppress your thoughts. Every feeling is a messenger and teacher that is guiding our evolvement. You’re aware that thinking positive thoughts without acknowledgement of our shadow is spiritual bypassing. 

3 | You welcome support —

You receive help in various ways whether it’s from friends, psychotherapists, energy healers, or bodyworkers. Allow yourself to release the need to carry your burdens alone. There are communities who can understand your pain and professionals to help. Seeking help is a sign of the brave and dedicated.

4 | You nurture your mind and body —

People who have witnessed their wounds know that their consciousness is also imprinted in their cells. Our tissues and body systems are feeling our fears, doubts, and grief. Traumatic experiences can take a toll on the nervous system when they create a fight-or-flight response. It’s essential for anyone who’s been through trauma to reflect honestly on the ways in which their mind, body, and spirit have coped or failed to cope. Ask yourself, “How can I nurture myself going forward?” 

5 | You’re aware of expectations —

As human beings, we consciously and unconsciously set expectations to heal and create deadlines. It’s easy for us to want immediate change and gratification. Know that after the immense time and effort that you’ve dedicated to healing, it’s okay for you to not always feel okay. 

6 | You have experienced healing’s ebbs and flows —

You experienced days, weeks, or months of wins, and then noticed yourself taking a few steps back. Anyone that has been on a healing journey of any kind knows that healing isn’t a linear process. Everyday and every bit of effort doesn’t yield us a set amount of progress. We often lose momentum and listen to the voice of our ego. A sure sign of healing is being okay when you’ve wandered off path or plateaued. You know that this is a part of the cycle — healing can bring us to the depths of our shadow before we can see the light.

7 | You see the light within —

There is an incredibly courageous, strong, and loving being inside of you. You are more resilient than you know. As you do the work, you are choosing healing for yourself and also for the collective consciousness. You are healing the generations before you and the generations to come. When you’re working through your trauma, you see glimpses of your Highest Self and embody him or her.

8 | You know you’re not alone — 

While you are unique, your experience and pain have been felt by people across time and space. The same qualities that you are seeking within yourself, others are also seeking. Let people who have come before us guide and protect us, teaching us how to heal and how to be with our pain. Seek help from a higher power of your own understanding whether that be God, the Universe, spirit guides, or ancestors. 

9 | You express your truth when the time is right —

While it’s not necessary for you to share your journey with anyone at all, it may be a sign of healing if you’re able to come forward with your experience. When we speak or write about our experience, we may find closure and acceptance with our trauma. We step into our purpose and embrace our truth. Allow yourself time and growth before you put yourself out there. When you are ready to be seen and heard, know that your message can help countless others. 

10 | You forgive and see yourself as whole —

You know that your traumas and pain are only a part of your journey on Earth; your soul is whole and eternal. You aren’t broken. You are simply here to learn and grow. You haven’t sinned. You did not receive this for energy that you previously put out into the Universe. You release the need to punish yourself. 

The stages of healing are numerous and the process is different for all. These signs are not meant to be opportunities for self-criticism but rather sign posts that offer reroutes. Consider the ways in which you’ve made progress. Commend your dedication to healing. Let yourself return to the journey with a renewed approach. 

Parita Shah incorporates Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, and Chakra Balancing to help clients balance their mind, body, and soul. Parita became interested in Reiki and Meditation when she realized that the stress of her health issues were causing more health issues. She was determined to break the cycle and find her center in the midst of health flares and life transitions. Her energy healing sessions help clients clear unresolved thoughts and emotions and connect to their true essence. Parita is available for healings in Long Island, New York and remotely.

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