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06.01.2019 Life
Nyssa Grazda
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June starts strong with the Gemini New Moon on the 3rd, suggesting we get clear on our priorities and open up to new ideas. This is a very mental season with a fast social pace, and with Mercury and Mars aspecting the North Node of the Moon mid-month, we’re subject to anxiety about our life’s direction, especially if we fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to others. The Sagittarius Full Moon on the 17th  should help us reorient ourselves to our own changing expectations and beliefs, and Neptune’s retrograde station, beginning on the 20th, gets us in touch with our creativity and taps our intuitive powers!

Aries —

Restlessness is your primary foe in June, and you might be grappling with wanderlust or with self-criticism centering around a perceived lack of success or upward mobility. Rather than front or fight to save face, be real about your anxieties. This month, attitude is everything, and even the most minor conversations and exchanges reveal big healing lessons and paradigm-shifting truths. Invest in experiences in your neighborhood and seek local community to anchor yourself. You’ll probably find everything you think you’re “missing” is closer than it appears.

Taurus —

Uranus’ transit through your first house is making you question the basics: who am I and what does this New Me want out of life? June helps you sort through this question by giving you lots of new social connections, skill-building experiences, and perhaps even some new battles to fight. The New You might feel a bit punchy with a renewed sense of conviction that could manifest as a wardrobe-change. Think of it as lifestyle renovation. Try things out, see what feels right. Everything that doesn’t support your growth must go!

Gemini —

June kicks off with the New Moon in your sign on the 3rd, an optimal time to pick up a hobby, take a daytrip with friends, or begin that memoir you’ve been dreaming of writing. You’re in a period of personal evaluation and growth, taking care of business, and might be feeling less concerned about revealing your emotional vulnerability now. Vocal honesty about your priorities is a magnet for potential lovers, but you’d be wise to hold out for someone similarly goal-oriented, who values your company without needing a hand-hold.

Cancer —

Having a big heart means you’re extra sensitive when your dreams get dashed on the rocks of reality, but this is the month to double-down on those dreams, immersing yourself in your magic. The power of positive thinking is super healing now, so when faced with setbacks, avoid chastising yourself into hiding in unfulfilling behind-the-scenes roles. On the 21st, the Sun enters your sign, promising public exposure. People already see you as a leader, so lean into this label buoyed by their confidence, and you’ll soon see yourself and your vision in the same light they do.

Leo —

One thing’s for certain: now is not the time to go it alone. The way you work and play is changing, forcing you to reconsider routines that leave you feeling depleted and under-appreciated. Support is what you need, but, because pride is your sticking point, you may have gotten in the habit of concealing your vulnerable side. Ditch the mantra that people only want you around when you’re poised and composed. When you reach out and express your fears, it takes you off your own pedestal and makes you easier to reach.

Virgo —

Being a service-oriented person can mean you prefer to settle into a particular niche, honing your skills to become the very best at what you “do.” This month you’re visible in your field and rewarded for your talents… but is being identified as what you do enough? Ditch the idea that there are limits to what you can be, because the only one who is imposing those limits is yourself. Step outside your comfort zone and consult others with different expertise to discover what piques your interest. Your next venture might be one you didn’t even know was an option.

Libra —

The path to personal growth is rarely linear, but in June, give yourself permission to change your mind, course-correct your philosophies, and submit to reeducation of outmoded beliefs. The pace of conversations, appearance of new personalities, and influx of travel opportunities might leave you feeling a little disoriented, so let yourself go with the flow and take experiences as they come. Resist the urge to deliberate over what you’re “getting” out of each new adventure, because the magic of this time might only make itself known in hindsight.

Scorpio —

You’ve probably reached a point where you feel more secure materially and financially, yet are low-key dissatisfied with your “success.” This realization is a gift, as it shows you that success isn’t measured in money or status, but rather in the bonds you foster with those who allow you to be authentic. This month consider partnering with someone on a project, because you’ll play off each other’s skill sets by focusing on different elements of the collaboration. It could be a lucrative move, but you’ll experience its value in more than just dollars.  

Sagittarius —

The Sun is shining bright on all romantic and collaborative endeavors for you in June, but collaborations require compromise, so be forewarned: you can’t have everything your way. The initial endorphin rush of being “in-demand” might quickly begin to feel like you’re being pulled in too many directions at once, fighting to hold on to your autonomy. The universe is showing you the importance of discernment and pitfalls of overextension. Remember, those who are seeking your skills, know-how, and company aren’t trying to rob you of your independence. When in doubt, voice your concerns.

Capricorn —

The Sun shines in your house of service this month, but it’s likely your attention will be drawn away from the workplace into potential conflicts with those closest to you. Because relationship stress distracts from more mundane responsibilities, avoid arguments and depleting energy exchanges. It’s doubtful that your career will be affected by outside frustration, but you might be unable to juggle the details and deadlines as well as you typically do, losing sight of the bigger picture. Split large tasks into smaller, manageable goals until the storm passes.

Aquarius —

In June your desire to play clashes with financial prudence. Even if you’re not currently in the hole, reckless spending will create future challenges that are avoidable by using discretion now. The edginess from feeling recreationally restricted could make for social tension, so don’t back away from friends as you negotiate your priorities! This restriction actually helps you find creative ways to have fun on a budget. If you can, give yourself an inexpensive daily treat so you can feel fancy without lavish spending.

Pisces —

Do you find your creative process transforming? You might be reconnecting to your roots while contemplating your inner child in June, which plumbs your artistic depths and revitalizes passion projects. Conversations with family, roommates, or partners provide a catalyst for a new direction of self-expression. It might be that you’ve been trying too hard to curb your emotional nature in order to lean into professional aspirations and are only now allowing yourself to reconnect to your talents by acknowledging your feelings in all their messy glory.

Nyssa Grazda is a Los Angeles-based astrological consultant, writer, and intuitive. She speaks to planetary transits, magic, healing, and personal empowerment on her Instagram at @neongeometryastrology.

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