Linda Nugent​ has cracked open a horoscope for the entire United States of America. As it turns out, the country’s sign is Cancer with Sagittarius rising — and this crab has a lot on its mind.

A New England-based astrologer, Reiki master, and sound therapist, Nugent maps the country’s horoscope by examining the Sibly chart and the synodic cycles of the outer planets. “I see national astrology as a way to zoom out, ask bigger questions, and address bigger trends that we might miss being caught up in everyday business,” she explains.

Nugent seeks answers to our country’s cultural, political, and environmental debates, and while most of us look down at our news feeds for information, she looks up to the stars.

Her exploration uses the country’s founding date and time (July 4th, 1776 at 5:10pm) as its birthday to cast an astrology chart, and the results have revealed coincidences so uncanny they belong in season two of​ ​Russian Doll​. Her interpretations paint the US as a character in its own cosmic drama — a country now arriving at a pivotal turning point in the plot.

“The US is experiencing a Pluto return and a triple conjunction of three powerhouse planets: Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter,” Nugent explains. “If this were Harry Potter’s universe, imagine a rendezvous between Dark Lord Voldemort (Pluto), controlling Professor Snape (Saturn), and wise Professor Dumbledore (Jupiter). They could either keep each other in check to create something good… or go completely out of control.”

When these three planets combine they create a loud, universal shout, so the astrologer urges her readers to look carefully at their laws and beliefs around power and wealth. “It begs us to ask if our three branches of government are balancing out, or if laws need to be reassessed,” she wonders aloud. This celestial event is an eerie round two of the US versus its prior wisdom: the founding principles of checks and balances.

With the 2020 presidential elections coming up, Nugent is focusing her lens on politics, warning of a particularly ugly election cycle, riddled with chaotic twists.

The Democratic party is ratcheting up fundraising efforts for 2020 and President Trump has already raised and spent ​over $70 million​ for his re-election campaign. Voters are astonished by the sheer number of presidential contenders who’ve thrown their hats into the ring and Nugent’s recent astrological readings have shed light on who has the best chance of ousting the sitting president.

“Someone who inspires confidence, has an air of strength, and is a trailblazer. Someone who can take us to new but practical routes. That’s the trick: to have a practical, reliable note to change. The stars say the time is ripe for swift, revolutionary change but only if​ w​e are bold enough to put it out there.” Indeed, we’re already seeing change-makers gain popularity in the Washington superstardom of​ ​Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez​ and other freshman lawmakers.

If there is one thing the Democratic party learned after 2016, it’s that they must converge on a central, cohesive message. Opportunity and security are key themes Nugent sees forming.

In the last half century the US pioneered advancements across the Internet, outerspace, pharmaceuticals, and technology. Yet graduates from higher-learning institutions are saddled with debt, creating a culture of heightened risk for diminishing reward.

“The next President needs to create tools for opportunity. Democrats should challenge Americans who are mavericks by nature,” Nugent advises.

No astrological reading of the US could be complete without a hard look at the man at the center of the story: Donald Trump. Nugent believes he is channeling a current that needs to be brought to the surface and released; tapping into underlying feelings of resentment, anger, and powerlessness. She says he shows us what we want — someone to stand up for us — and what we don’t want (a warped Plutonian portrait of power and wealth), all at the same time.

Her enlightened findings remind us that although the universe says we are on the precipice of change, we have the power and even the responsibility to actually be the change. Her advice to voters in 2020 is clear and simple: “Don’t get caught up by the crazy, dramatic distractions. Keep your eye on the ball. Consider what you want America to be and​ ​VOTE.”

In this unpredictable time, Nugent has discovered a fascinating way to view the bigger picture. By combining historical data with astrological inputs she’s made a strong, unique case for understanding a story that’s still unfolding before us. “The country is on a journey and it seems like we’re a little bit aimless right now,” she says before proceeding confidently, “Astrology can be our map. It can provide historical context and a broader viewpoint that can guide us to a more informed destination.”

The past few years have been a strange political road trip for most Americans. But if we follow Linda Nugent’s advice, we can grab the wheel and steer ourselves towards a horizon ordained by the stars.

Jillian Rodriguez Nugent is a lifestyle and culture writer based in Southern California. When she’s not writing, she’s shopping the local farmers’ market, sitting behind a potter’s wheel, or at the coastline splashing about with her husband and daughter.

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