Reve En Vert

06.17.2019 The Fullest Podcasts

This week we’re drinking our matcha from teacups as we pod to you from London. On a recent trip to the UK, Nikki caught up with Cora Hilts of Rêve En Vert; the online boutique often referred to as “the Net-A-Porter of sustainable fashion.”

After studying environmental politics, Cora realized fashion’s huge footprint, but also saw a lack of retailers offering luxury items that were good for planet Earth. Next thing you know, she borrowed money from her parents, started a website, and Rêve En Vert was officially born — a brand focusing on minimal colors and looks for everyday wear, rather than trends.

Fast forward five years, and they’ve extended to include beauty and home products. The company’s expansion is a by-product of Cora’s own sustainability evolution and a more in-depth dive into conscious consumerism on all fronts, not just in your wardrobe.

If you’re looking for info on ways to detox and clean up your closet without compromising on self-expression and style, this one’s for you. Equally, if you’ve got a burning desire to get your own biz going, Cora’s story teaches all of us that it’s really just as simple as rolling up your sustainable sleeves and getting things done.

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