7 Likes with Plantable’s Nadja Pinnavaia

06.15.2019 Arts & Culture
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Nadja Pinnavaia, Ph.D., is the founder of Plantable, a plant-based wellness platform that creates lasting health change through meals, coaching, and education. By combining nutritional science, biochemistry, and a personal connection with her clients, Pinnavaia helps people get over their sugar addictions, feel more energetic, and take control of their cravings. Best of all, Pinnavaia says plant-based living is delicious, good for the planet, and powers high-performance lifestyles.

The nutrition expert recently shared with us her seven favorite pieces to a balanced, healthy life…

1 | Almond Cow

The Almond Cow is a Vitamix and juicer all rolled into one. It makes any type of milk alternative you can think of (almond, cashew, coconut, oat) and makes it in minutes! I love it because I really dislike canola and other inflammatory oils we find in commercial non-dairy milks. It’s become my favorite present to gift.

2 | Ann Marie Gianni Skincare

Ann Marie skincare is only made from organic, natural ingredients, but the best part is the products are so compact and easy to travel with. I use a facial mist (toner), serum, and oil. The foundation, if I ever use it, comes as a mineral powder that looks and feels extremely natural.

3 | Ezekiel Bread

Ezekiel toast topped with smushed avocado and power green leaves is my go-to breakfast that leaves me satiated until lunch. I love the fact that this bread is sprouted with whole grains and contains no added sugar, which keeps my blood sugar stabilized.

4 | Peloton Tread —

It’s like having a running buddy, boot camp coach, and fun video game! It’s just gorgeous and will help me train stronger for my next marathon.

5 | Withings Watch

This looks like a normal watch but can do all the geeky stuff I secretly love. My favorite is seeing how many hours I slept — monitoring my resting heart rate has strangely become my latest fascination.

6 | My vintage Euphebe water bottle —

We all love water bottles because we help save the planet from more plastic, but I particularly love my old Euphebe Healthcare water bottle because its insulation is amazing. I wake up in the middle of the night and have super cold water.

7 | Vitamix

Easily my favorite kitchen appliance, once you’ve Vitamixed, normal blenders just won’t cut it. I love making freshly made pesto with huge bunches of basil leaves, lightly toasted pine nuts, and lots of nutritional yeast!

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