Step Inside Husk Bakeshop, Brooklyn’s Entirely Gluten-Free Bakery

05.17.2019 Arts & Culture
Kelsey Gleason
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The light crunch you experience with the first bite into the golden-hued crust. The pockets of air dispersed amongst the fluffy center. A piece of bread has the ability to fulfill a level of satisfaction that no other food can provide — regardless of whether or not it’s been avocado-ed. In spite of the identity crisis surrounding the sandwich staple these days, the unfortunate truth is that not all bread and bread-wannabes are able to achieve such a remarkable experience.

Defying the odds, Brooklyn’s Husk Bakeshop has mastered the feat in all its gluten-free glory. Despite the ever-growing population of those who’ve added gluten-free to their bio, the selection of foods sans-gluten is equally void of excitement — and often, nourishment. For a path seemingly promising as a way towards good health, the overall assortment is loaded with undesirable fillers. Sensing this lack in the market, Husk founder, Alex Stone, grew determined to bring some sparkle into the gluten-free realm.

“We wanted to create a product that changes the way people feel in their everyday life,” Stone passionately states. Gifting the comforting nature of toast in the morning to the oft gluten-intolerant masses — without any hesitation or guilt regarding the nourishment it provides — became the Husk Bakeshop mission. Most importantly, Stone wanted to do so in such a way that honors the simplicity of bread, long before the days over-processed loaves lined our grocery store shelves.

In order to provide something wholesome without jeopardizing taste, Husk goes back to the basics with recognizable ingredients you can actually pronounce.

There’s no hidden agenda, says the baker behind Husk, Tesha Borin — it’s a promise that is never a given in today’s food culture.

Currently, Husk goods can be found in their sister shop, Bluestone Lane. Choose your slice blonde or whole grain, and top with the never-failing avocado smash, or perhaps the ricotta and berry compote if you’re feeling wild. The banana bread is a fan-favorite, amongst other baked goods which are also free from dairy and refined sugars.  

One could argue that the ultimate standard for gluten-free bread is its ability to fool all who participate: a point validated by a look of disbelief when the secret is revealed. According to tasters, Husk creations have passed the test by and large. People are pleasantly surprised, Borin assures, to find that gluten-free could mean a bread so fine.

Case in point: there’s hope for everyone and their deepest bread desires.

Kelsey Gleason is a freelance content creator and graphic designer living in NYC. Her strengths include organizing the fridge and photographing breakfast. She prefers her bread toasted to a noticeable crunch with generous amounts of nut butter (preferably in chocolate form) slathered atop. Check out her website at

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