05.07.2019 The Fullest Podcasts

If you’ve ever had a serious case of the ex, this episode is for you. Nikki sits down with Elle Huerta, the CEO and founder of MEND, the self-care app for heartbreak.

Wait, what? There’s an app to help make this can’t-get-off-the-floor, I-have-a-giant-hole-in-my-chest-feeling disappear!? Yep, and it’s helping loads of people!

MEND is about moving you all the way through painful breakups (but not in an eat all the ice cream and watch Sex and the City re-runs kind of way). Instead, MEND uses research rooted in science to help you feel better, faster. It basically feels like you’ve got a BFF in your pocket who’s always there to talk through your feelings and then — virtually — wipe away your ugly cry tears.

Over 2,000,000+ people have completed the in-app training in over 176 countries and MEND is making headlines in Vogue, The New York Times, and Forbes. The app’s success is partially due to Elle’s own personal experience. After a bad breakup she touched rock bottom and, thanks to a lot of science-based techniques, managed to come out the other side, heart still fully intact. Check out her story here!

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