With our “Mindful Men” series we are showcasing some of our favorite men who are continually carving out change in the wellness space.

Who he is:

Semi-retired former hedge fund manager, Robert Charles.

What he does:

Robert Charles has spent most of his life as a trader/investor in the commodity and financial markets.

What makes him different:

Few people in the hedge fund world single-handedly manage funds, but Robert managed a billion dollar account with just one person on his team. His long-term rate of return (which hovered around 20%) cemented him with legend status within the industry — noting that his fund received investments from some of the world’s top finance icons, including George Soros and Paul Tudor Jones.

How being mindful has enhanced his life:

Robert attributes his awareness to when he became a Christian early in his 40’s, having been a card-carrying atheist until then. He credits the book, The Case for Christ, as a key part of his conversion and spiritual awakening experience.

What he does to be mindful:

To Robert, mindfulness is all about being fully present and in the moment — no phone, no computer, just being in time. His preferred spot for mindfully engaging with life is outside enjoying nature, on his farm, or with his wife and dogs. His daily mindful practices, which include rituals of prayer, gratitude lists, and conscious play time with his animals bring him into a deeper connection to the present moment — and in turn, to the joy of living.

Wisdom for other men:

If Robert could open more men up to something what would it be? He’d love to encourage men to “embrace their wounded parts and love themselves in spite of them.” He also noted that, as service work has been meaningful for him and his spiritual journey, he would urge those who are able to show up for and give to those who are truly in need.

Jasmin Jenkins is an intuitive connector and community builder based in Los Angeles. She was most recently the Head of Partnerships at THINX, and is currently consulting with mission driven startups. You can find her at The Class, over The Standard.

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