Mindful Men: Kyle Hermans, the Spiritual Entrepreneur

05.09.2019 Arts & Culture
Jasmin Jenkins
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With our “Mindful Men” series we are showcasing some of our favorite dudes who are continually carving out change in the wellness space.

Who he is:

Kyle Hermans, serial entrepreneur and founder of Be Courageous, a platform that facilitates the world’s breakthroughs.

What makes him different:

Kyle believes that his truest purpose is to help others break through to the impossible — he empowers humans to unlock and discover the forces that lie within them to be self-reliant and successful, while achieving their personal breakthroughs.

How being mindful has enhanced his life:

In sharing about his relationship with mindfulness, Kyle reflects upon two specific parts of his upbringing that opened him up to living alive to mindfulness: his childhood growing up in a divided South Africa, and having been raised in a family that was as spiritual as it was entrepreneurial. From an early age Kyle knew he wanted to start businesses that contributed to more than just the bottom line. Subsequently, in each of the businesses he’s created the through line has been impact driven enterprises.

What he does to be mindful:

For Kyle, true mindfulness is about being as present as possible to each moment. He’s dedicated to implementing mindful rituals into his daily life — both at the office and at home. In the morning Kyle practices everything from affirmations to visualized meditations, and when he returns home to his family he and his wife are committed to an evening dinner ritual that involves sharing daily challenges and gratitude around the dinner table.

Wisdom for other men:

“If you are in any position of power and influence, it’s important to support and empower communities of women to elevate and thrive. Use your resources, time, money, power, and knowledge to uplift those around you. Do more from a place of purpose. Practice vulnerability, authenticity, and leave every environment better than you found it.”

Artwork by: Juliet Romano Design.

Jasmin Jenkins is an intuitive connector and community builder based in Los Angeles. She was most recently the Head of Partnerships at THINX, and is currently consulting with mission driven startups. You can find her at The Class, over The Standard.

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