Mindful Men: Eric Brief of Crystal Criminals

05.02.2019 Arts & Culture
Jasmin Jenkins
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With our “Mindful Men” series we are showcasing some of our favorite dudes who are continually carving out change in the wellness space.

Who he is:

Eric Brief, founder of Crystal Criminals and consulting company, Closer Compass.

What he does:

While Eric is well known for the wildly inspiring crystal art he shares through his Instagram account, Crystal Criminals, he’s also a coach and sales and marketing expert. He attributes his ability to seamlessly shift between roles to his long-standing relationship with mindfulness.

What makes him different:

A daily meditator (he loves Headspace), Eric also has a committed journaling and prayer practice. He’s a firm believer in the healing power of energy work and shamanic journeying. He shares, “Ultimately, the biggest turning point in my adult life came when I chose to embrace the spiritual growth of recovery in the face of my addictions.”

How being mindful has enhanced his life:

Eric’s mindfulness journey began in high school with an introduction to meditation at age 14. He explains, “The class took 10 guided breaths before a religious studies class and I remember having an experience of divine revelation.”

What he does to be mindful:

To stay mindful, Eric prioritizes competitive exercise, prayer, personal development, and healthy empowering relationships. He’s a proponent of intentional communication, and is committed to practicing it every day in his partnership with Ksenia Avdulova, Founder of Woke and Wired and Breakfast Criminals.

Wisdom for other men:

“I would encourage men to be more courageous by sharing their feelings with each other and their partners. I have found that it is only in the process of sharing my feelings that I actually get access to what they are. Sharing feelings is healing.”

Artwork by: Juliet Romano Design.

Jasmin Jenkins is an intuitive connector and community builder based in Los Angeles. She was most recently the Head of Partnerships at THINX, and is currently consulting with mission driven startups. You can find her at The Class, over The Standard.

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