Taureans and Geminis celebrate birthdays in May, but Mercury speeding through the zodiac will give us all a vicarious adrenaline rush. This month the social pace intensifies, flooding us with inspiration and ideas, but the Taurus New Moon on the 4th and Scorpio Full Moon on the 18th suggest focusing on self-care by using time, money, and energy wisely. Expect the unexpected… especially when it comes to romance!

Read on for your Sun and Rising Sign to find out what’s in store for you!

Aries —

Seed intentions for prosperity by making conservation your mantra. In particular, avoid making impulse purchases until mid-month, especially when it comes to wanderlust, or you could run into some annoying booking snafus. After the 20th, investment matters become more clear, and travel plans might get scrapped to prioritize home upgrades and family matters. By month’s end, summer vibes beckon you back in the public eye, but beware falling victim to a power struggle or a work-life crisis you thought you’d sidestepped.

Taurus —

It’s your season to shine! Welcome this shift in your confidence; big changes are coming your way and you can use the New Moon on the 4th to banish apprehensions and call in your desires. A surprise money-making opportunity or unexpected romance might fall in your lap around the 15th. While this new crush might not be your typical “type,” you’ll probably want to see where this one goes.

Gemini —

Trust your intuition to steer you true as partnership tensions are spurred on by situational realities out of your control. If there’s someone special, you’ll need to take an honest look at your individual obligations and see if your goals align in order to move forward. What feels like a crisis in the immediate will give you the chance to do some energetic spring cleaning before summer begins. By the time your birthday season kicks off on the 21st, you’ll have people by your side who are truly on your wavelength.

Cancer —

Use the Taurus New Moon on the 4th to ask for the support you need. You have some hang-ups about how much you “deserve” the good things in life, and when you’re giving off hermit vibes, friends will respond by backing away from your impenetrable shell. May is all about realizing your worth and participating in creative community. Come mid-month, try channeling your energy into a team project; the Full Moon on the 18th illuminates the unique skills you can offer.

Leo —

Welcome in success even if your idea of what constitutes “success” is influx. A career change is imminent, so keep your vision high-minded, own your worth, and avoid making hasty moves to force that change. Work smarter, not harder! Your superiors recognize your competence, valuable connections are waiting in the wings, and you’ve got hecka networking potential all month long. Even an office romance is a possibility after the Full Moon on the 18th, but be sure to ask yourself whether this relationship will be healthy, or a source of future friction.

Virgo —

Get out of your own head! You’re embroiled in a work-life balancing act for the first half of the month, but while this tension looms large, a vacation is long overdue. Do yourself a favor and take a chance on a travel offer if one appears, even if it’s last minute or the details aren’t totally hashed out. What you experience outside of your mainstream will put that once overwhelming problem in perspective for an easy fix after the 21st when you’ll shine in business matters. Sometimes you just need a mental reset.

Libra —

The Taurus New Moon on the 4th asks you to define intimacy. Who is worthy of your devotion? Find out by prioritizing self-care and setting solid boundaries. I know you hate to choose, but don’t see this as “turning down” opportunities, but rather as acknowledging the circumstances and relationships that bring you happiness. A romantic shakeup or investment flub right before the Full Moon on the 18th is part of this learning curve. Those who support you will give you space without making unfair demands.

Scorpio —

May is the month to collaborate because that idea that’s been simmering in your mind needs other souls to help get it off the ground! Surround yourself with people who support your vision — so if you’ve got a flaky friend, unsupportive partner, or cranky co-creator, stop expecting them to be anything other than what they’ve shown themselves to be. Mid-month, the Full Moon in your sign expedites a shift in philosophy, as you realize you need to create compassionate boundaries instead of over-stressing yourself by micromanaging.

Sagittarius —

This month forces you to upgrade your relationship to your work because your talents can’t be expressed by going through the motions. An unexpected event around the 8th will wake you up from creative complacency, but until the 15th your mood is impulsive (at worst, aggressive), and you may decide you need a lot more freedom in relationship and career to manifest the next stage of your life. Avoid walling off or making enemies, be honest with yourself and others, and after the Full Moon on the 18th you’ll start to attract collaborators who respect your goals.

Capricorn —

Work has been your primary concern lately, perhaps due to getting a promotion, going back to school, or taking on more occupational responsibilities. Now that you’re established, you’ll realize that money’s no good if it doesn’t supplement your happiness. Introduce more spontaneity into your life, particularly after the Full Moon on the 18th when lingering business obligations level off. Accept dates, go to concerts, host a gathering of friends, get to the beach or the mountains. Remember… fun doesn’t have to be expensive.

Aquarius —

May could herald a major move for you. If it’s not a physical move, there could be changes to a living situation predicated by a relative or roommate, so make your needs clear, especially during the New Taurus Moon on the 4th. This is a character-building month as you negotiate your desires with the expectations of friends and peers. You get a reset after the Full Moon, and the back half of the month will feel very freeing if you’ve been candid about your standards.

Pisces —

Perhaps your professional life isn’t progressing quite the way you wanted it to, even if you’ve been rather busy and in-demand. Tensions at home could aggravate this grievance now, especially if a partner, roommate, or family member accuses you of “not pulling your weight.” A dramatic change to home or employment awaits after the Full Moon on the 18th inspired by a shift in your priorities, so use the first half of the month to get clarity and research your options.

Nyssa Grazda is a Los Angeles-based astrological consultant, writer, and intuitive. She speaks to planetary transits, magic, healing, and personal empowerment on her Instagram at @neongeometryastrology.

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