Cancer, Casually: Megan Krzmarzick

05.23.2019 The Fullest Podcasts

Cancer. Twice. Two different types. And still not through the woods. It’s a reality most of our brains can’t quite compute. But one this week’s guest, artist Megan Krzmarzick, is currently living and breathing.

Megan was first diagnosed with breast cancer at 31-years-young. After multiple bouts of chemo, a mastectomy, reconstructive surgery, a painful breakup, and losing her job, she was officially in remission.

Just one short year later, however, cancer was back… only this time it was in the form of AML (an aggressive form of leukemia). Today she’s fighting stronger than ever, having just undergone an incredibly painful bone marrow transplant, but still out and about living life to its absolute fullest — staying positive, making art, traveling, and looking hip-as-shit (seriously, check out her modeling shots on Instagram, swoon!).

Like any true artist, Megan stares at her challenges and fuels them into powerful, visceral expressions of life experience. Equally, she is able to articulate her inner and outer journey with raw honesty, integrity, and emotion. Megan is a living reminder of the power of owning your struggles, of transmuting dark into creativity, and then getting back up. She’s been a major inspiration to Cancer, Casually host Lindsay on her own cancer journey, and to all of us at Team fullest.

Take a walk through her colorful garden as she shares her mind-blowing, incredibly inspiring journey. This woman is a warrior in every sense of the word.

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