Spring — when that famous notion of cleaning out our closets and home drawers sounds enticing but often doesn’t quite fit in the schedule. With Marie Kondo whispering in the ears of our culture asking us if our wardrobe “sparks joy,” more and more of us are getting on board and making time to spring clean and edit down to our most favorite and best quality pieces.

Here is a guide to help you step into the process…

Take out all your clothes from the closet and lay them on the bed. Each piece that you haven’t worn in a year, ask yourself why, and if there is not a compelling reason to keep it, then toss it into the donation pile. It’s quite liberating and fun to make space for new pieces that will be lasting and joyful. The old saying “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure” is a great mantra to keep in your head while eliminating your has-beens.

Look at the pieces that may be “fast fashion” or “hyper-trendy” and deep dive into your consciousness on why you bought them in the first place. Shopping can sometimes be mindless and leave us with uninspiring or easily tattered clothing. Cleaning out and starting over again is a spiritual and cleansing practice. A clean closet, a clean mind; inspired clothing, inspired woman!

When buying pieces to add to your updated wardrobe, it’s important to pick pieces that are timeless, with high quality fabric and production practices. Make sure it will be a piece that you can imagine wearing longer than one season.

If you think the print or the design is too trendy or will date after a few months of wear, pass on that piece. Look for clothes that stand the test of time but still evoke your sense of style — both in quality of manufacturing and design.

Next, find out where it was made and by whom. Fashion should be a conscious choice in the environmental and societal responsibilities we have today. Don’t stress yourself out trying to discern if the factory it was made in recycles every scrap of fabric, but make sure the designer has ethics you align with and are helping sustain something you believe in. The piece will mean more to you if you have a connection to the integrity of the brand.

Take your time with an item of clothing. Try it on and see how you feel. Take it home and if it still brings you happiness a couple days later, then it’s a keeper. If not, take it back. If you aren’t excited in the honeymoon phase, it probably won’t grow on you and become a wardrobe staple later on.

Lastly, find your style icon; are you a Jackie Kennedy or a Joan Baez? Or maybe a little of both? Figuring out who you want to dress like and what you feel comfortable in will be a good guide in future purchases.

When we love what we have in our closets we are more apt to treat each piece better and keep it longer if we feel connected to it. Find the places you love to shop, get to know them and they will help you find your best self in your best pieces. It’s spring after all, and new intentions for your wardrobe are blooming just outside of your closet.

Paige Appel and Kelly Harris are the founders of curated lifestyle shop, Midland. Their vision for organic design and attention to detail is perfectly paired with their drive for simplicity and beauty. Their two shops in Culver City and Silver Lake boast a beautiful selection of ethically made boutique goods, clothing, pottery, beauty, and more.

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