What Does April’s Fullest Scope Have in Store for You?

04.01.2019 Life
Nyssa Grazda
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April is jam-packed with astro activity. This month, commit to your vision to cultivate self-worth. The Aries New Moon on the 5th and the Libra Full Moon on the 19th ask you to balance inharmonious relationships or cut those cords. Meanwhile, Mars, Mercury, and Venus change signs, and Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn station retrograde. Big cosmic shifts equal big growth opportunities.

Read on for your Sun and Rising to find out what’s in store for you!

Aries —

Struggling with confidence, overwhelming work obligations, and/or unaired feelings for a crush, it looks like you’re playing the comparison game instead of embodying your own fire. April demands self-expression and experimentation. On the 20th, the Sun enters your money house as Venus enters your identity house, making you a magnet for wealth and romance. Just don’t push too hard to make things happen. Part of knowing your worth is letting others realize it too!

Taurus —

Recently you’ve been figuring out your place in your community. The connections you make now will aid in future business and creative endeavors, so note encounters that feel instinctively exciting and affirming. April 20th kicks off your birthday season. The Sun conjuncts Uranus which brings unexpected news that inspires a lifestyle change, while Venus enters your hidden house giving you a mysterious allure. Not being immediately available could drive a certain someone to make a first move.

Gemini —

You’re slaying the career game and it appears you’ve also cultivated skills as a workplace mediator or therapist. Despite your good intentions, some boundaries need to be established or you risk being hurt when the same people you’ve helped don’t repay the favor. Your voice is the key to your advancement and power, so use it responsibly. A surprising event around the 20th forces you to take a brief hiatus from the social scene to recharge. A romantic prospect could trigger an old hurt; don’t shrink, demand the respect you deserve.

Cancer —

April brings up a dilemma. As a nurturing soul, you’ve devoted significant energy to making sure your friends and associates are seen and supported. But lately, eyes have been on you, and you may feel undeserving of attention and awkward under what you perceive as public scrutiny. Let others witness your successes and celebrate you. Give yourself the love you so organically give others, and resist the urge to hide within responsibilities to established relationships.

Leo —

April is about exploration. Get outdoors, plan a vacation, and aim to be fully present. As you physically shake off the winter cold, your mind sheds weariness. Take charge of your circumstances and empower yourself through healthy habits. An old flame or a sudden crisis at work might crop up at months’ end to test your resolve. Keep your composure and don’t get dragged into drama — remembering your journey is your number one priority.

Virgo —

Failing to nail down the details of important agreements or taking things “on faith” in April can lead to embarrassing misunderstandings. Mars’ ingress into Gemini in your house of public affairs mimics this warning: spell things out if you have to. Be blunt, even if you are perceived to be antagonistic. It’s far better to know where everyone stands than to assume and have to deal with an awkward fallout, which is a risk come the 22nd.

Libra —

April places your focus in the partnership sector, so it’s time to ask those truly Libran questions: Am I giving too much of myself to others? What relationships in my life need balance? Your planetary ruler, Venus, is in your house of routine, suggesting cultivation of artistic, spiritual, and exercise practices. Don’t surrender to others’ expectations; make sure you are in touch with your own dreams and rituals. Self-awareness attracts partners that bring their best to the table so you can reciprocate equitably.

Scorpio —

This month, health is a priority. Mars moves into your house of transmutation, demanding an infusion of new ideas and routines to boost your stamina and sex appeal. Not doing things the same old way probably appeals to you in theory, but it also means you can’t fall back on the same old comforts, so pace yourself. This period of evolution will help you find your center and foster relationships with those who are on a similar quest for mind-body wellbeing.

Sagittarius —

April asks, how can you have more fun? How can you be lighter and more spontaneous, even as you keep your eyes on the prize and your focus on building a more stable, successful future? A good person to ask is your inner child. What would a younger you do to make your everyday affairs more playful? The New Moon on the 5th is a perfect time to invite in joy, though you may have to make peace with a family matter first.

Capricorn —

You’ve been processing something heavy lately — possibly family drama or untenable workplace demands. Taking charge of your domestic situation is the perfect way to set proper work/life boundaries, and your home could benefit from an energy cleanse, a good spring cleaning, or a redecorating spree. For the best effect, use the New Moon on the 5th to invite in good vibes with music, entertainment, and the laughter of people who “get” you.

Aquarius —

April forecasts a creative collaboration that nets you some dollars and good press, but perhaps you’re better saving the money and favors instead of cashing out right away. Mid-month shakeups occur on the home front, and an insecurity about a personal choice/career trajectory rears its head. Check your impulses, and don’t act prematurely! These incidents might be unpleasant, but they ultimately affirm the decisions you’ve made over the past year.

Pisces —

All eyes are on you this month. Venus plus Mercury teaming up in your identity house means you catch the attention of the right people when you broadcast your abundant creative talents. Your enthusiasm is infectious, so network, promote yourself, and have business cards at the ready. Don’t be discouraged if a big opportunity doesn’t immediately materialize. Get your ducks in a row and things will start to come together by the end of the month.

Nyssa Grazda is a LA-based astrological consultant, writer, and intuitive. She speaks to planetary transits, magic, healing, and personal empowerment on her Instagram at @neongeometryastrology.

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