Even the least astro-curious have some basic awareness of their zodiacal Sun sign which represents conscious identity expression, motivations, and goals. However, few take into consideration the importance of their Moon sign, which illustrates feeling nature and provides a roadmap of how to nurture the emotional body when we run up against stress. That’s why we’ve rounded up what, exactly, your individual Moon sign means. It’s time to open your eyes to your planetary light.

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Aries Moon —

Aries governs the head, making you emotionally impulsive and tenacious. Anxiety can lead to migraines and insomnia, so you’ll benefit from physical practices that interrupt nervous energy. Hiking, jogging, and other similarly autonomous activities are healthy ways to work off stress by appealing to your desire for productivity without the pressure to “beat your best.” Break large obstacles down into manageable tasks and take stock of your accomplishments before moving straight into the next urgent matter.

Taurus Moon —

Taurus Moons are particularly sensitive to biorhythms, so a good night’s sleep is foundational for emotional equilibrium. Routine-based wellness practices like tai chi, yoga, or dance help combat stress and breathing exercises ground you in your body. You’re the epicurean of the zodiac, so aromatherapy, delicious food, and massage will work wonders if you’re out of sorts. Pay attention to where indulgence becomes over-indulgence so sensual appetites remain pleasurable and not activities you associate with anxiety.

Gemini Moon —

Although Gemini Moons rarely sweat the small stuff, you’re often inundated with choices. You’re more cerebral than emotional, so while Aries and Taurus instinctively know their preferences, you have to brainstorm, phone a friend, or get your hands on some reading material. Try meditation to calm the mind (and no, that doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in isolated silence). Your meditation can be zoning out while listening to a podcast or even going for a quick run. Aim to find yourself within distractions, instead of using distractions to hide from feelings.

Cancer Moon —

The Moon rules Cancer, so your emotions vacillate as it moves through the signs. Because you pick up on the energy of those around you, self-care starts with establishing healthy boundaries and avoiding draining personalities and nostalgic wistfulness. Devote a portion of every day to nurturing yourself. Holistic activities like cooking combat moodiness; the prep gets you working with your hands, smelling the aromas, and experimenting with flavors, which will affirm your own preferences. The meal itself is the piece de resistance of the calming practice.

Leo Moon —

A Leo Moon needs love and attention, and you probably get stressed out (or accused of being — gasp! — dramatic) when you feel you’re being denied rightful praise. To boost your mood, playmates take the edge off, the respect of co-workers is critical, and solid friends that celebrate your successes will cheer your regal heart. But it’s most important that you realize your worth… even if admirers are in short supply. You have a gift for repurposing angst into art, poetry, and theatre — so get it all out onto the page instead of holding a grudge.

Virgo Moon —

It will surprise no one that Virgo Moons love routine, but unfortunately life is rarely predictable. Luckily, prepping a daily schedule can make tackling projects feel less extreme. Plus, you get the added satisfaction (and endorphin-boost) of checking a task off your to-do list post-completion. Hobbies that require organization and attention to detail (such as puzzles or collecting) are also recommended. You are your own worst critic, so remember to calendar rewards amidst obligations!

Libra Moon —

The stress a Libra Moon experiences is a gut reaction to imbalance. Acknowledge your emotions first and foremost and know that you cannot be in harmony all of the time. If you bottle up anger it can resurface in the form of physical illness, so channeling heavy feelings into art is perfect therapy. Try painting, playing an instrument, crafting, or making a collage. As you’re easily knocked off-center by harsh words, you could also benefit from adopting a pet; animals are good listeners who rarely criticize!

Scorpio Moon —

Scorpio Moons are the most emotionally intense signs of the zodiac, drawn to transformative experiences. Your feelings are a lot to handle, and it can be difficult (especially in youth) to find safe outlets for this Moon expression. You may be drawn to dream states, esoterica, and the paranormal, but don’t let others shame your need for privacy. The right people will be inspired by how strongly you set boundaries. Trust your intuition to decide who or what should be in your space.

Sagittarius Moon —

Sagittarius Moons are seekers whose emotional health is a byproduct of exploration, experiential learning, and socializing. You’re adaptable and need lots of freedom, so anxiety arises when you feel tethered to people, places, and obligations. To de-stress, get out of town and find a change of scenery, even if it’s only for a few hours. Try a road trip or camping under the stars. You need room to roam around, so avoid confined spaces and be aware of how your environment affects your mood.

Aquarius Moon —

The Aquarius Moon child is often stigmatized as the “other” or the “weirdo” — which can carry over into their identity as adults. You may have never shed the nagging feeling of being on the outside looking in, so the “naps and baths” self-care logic that applies to other signs won’t suit you. Your self-care is to indulge the curiosity and unorthodox interests of your inner child. Within you is a fierce rebel, genius inventor, and compassionate humanitarian combined. When you face your fears, you inspire a community where everyone belongs.

Capricorn Moon —

Capricorn Moons are dependable and organized. You value honesty and forthrightness, yet often struggle with vulnerability. Carrying this inner conflict in the body can result in tense muscles and sore joints. You want to be “of value” to others and recognized for your competency, so having a career where you can show off your skills will stabilize you. However, you should concentrate on allocating time for daily self-care rituals… because you are worth far more than the role you play in facilitating other people’s business.

Pisces Moon —

Pisces Moons are empaths who take on the emotions of those they are in close quarters with. You easily fall prey to psychic exhaustion and can get sick if you overextend yourself energetically, so having a quiet space to recharge is important. Try developing a ritual to “wash off” the day through swimming, showering, or taking a bath. Try daydreaming, relaxing with your favorite music, or taking a nap. Just be sure to use these methods to indulge your imagination, not check out of reality.

Nyssa Grazda is a Los Angeles-based astrological consultant, writer, and intuitive. She speaks to planetary transits, magic, healing, and personal empowerment on her Instagram at @neongeometryastrology.

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