Ona Organics is the Skincare Line That’ll Heal You Mentally and Emotionally

04.02.2019 Life
Anna Guilford
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Best friends Amanda Arapoglou and Elizabeth Dorow have been connected through yoga, meditation, and mindfulness for a decade, deeply bonding over their shared passion for Ayurveda.

Manifested from their experiences in herbalism, traveling, and motherhood, the women started Ona Organics with a mission to create an all-natural line of skincare that not only enhances beauty, but also mental and emotional wellbeing through ritual.

Dorow’s calling to self healing and herbalism came when she discovered the moringa plant. Intrigued by its versatility and healing properties, it guided her to become a certified herbalist while she farmed, studied, and experimented with the many benefits of the beautiful plant.

Arapoglou’s passion is rooted in traveling and experiencing cultures from around the world. “The first time I went to Morocco really stuck with me,” she remembers of the rituals that inspired her while there. “They served mint tea in such a beautiful way. They pour the tea from feet above every time you’re served. I thought, ‘Wow, there’s something to this — taking an everyday moment and making it something special.’”

Through the harmony of both passions, herbalism, and ritual, the women decided to create a brand that would manifest mindfulness and beauty for everyone.

They began experimenting in the kitchen to get their formulas perfect, and then took over the guest house on Arapoglou’s property.

“The space that you create in is very powerful,” shares Dorow. “Amanda has such a skill for combining beauty and function, she’s created a space where we can really thrive.”

After two years of experimenting, Ona Organics was ready to be packaged and utilized in self care rituals the world over.

Their Enliven Mask is infused with leaves of the moringa tree, pearl powder, calcium, and plant protein which supports the skin’s collagen production, preventing moisture loss while maintaining homeostasis. The Nourish Exfoliant is a gentle yet deep salt cleanser that features Himalayan salt and ylang ylang to leave the skin glowing, hydrated, and protected. And their personal favorites, the Facial and Body Radiance Oil, are packed with vitamins A and B, hemp seed, and ylang ylang to create a strong skin barrier for flawless, glowing skin.

But the best part? Each Ona Organics product comes with a suggested ritual to become mindful in your skincare. Their mission is to have their customers appreciate the process of self-care and to remind us to celebrate and be mindful in every moment — even when we’re doing something mundane like folding the laundry or pouring our morning tea.

Anna Guilford is a journalism and public relations senior at California State University, Long Beach. Between work and school she is definitely in need of a few self care rituals and meditation. Reach Anna at annalucilleguilford@gmail.com or through her website at annalguilford.com.

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