Carson Meyer’s Body Scrub Has Celebs Over the Moon

04.29.2019 Arts & Culture
Kaitlynn Labit
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Women today are powerful, alert, and effective. They know what they want — and that includes their beauty products to be clean and environmentally friendly. Carson Meyer is answering the demand for non-toxic and GMO-free products with her skincare line, C & The Moon.

The actress and birth doula grew up near the waters of Malibu, raised by her environmentalist mother who was quick to teach her the not-so-pretty side of beauty by pointing out chemicals, toxins, and pesticides. “I always thought it was normal to care about what you ate, how food was grown, how things were made, and about the environment,” Meyer says. “I felt it was how everyone was raised and I’m always surprised when I find out that some of my friends still don’t know… but you can’t blame people who aren’t aware.”

Growing up, Meyer’s lifestyle was crafted towards healthy living, creativity, and intuition which, though she did not know it at the time, was laying the foundation for what would eventually become C & The Moon’s first product, the Malibu Made Body Scrub. “I started selling the scrub on Instagram,” Meyer shares. “I had nothing lined up; no business model. I just said, ‘I made these scrubs. Who wants them?’”

What is now the holy grail of some of Hollywood’s most elite (Kris Jenner and Cami Mendes are fans) was once just a handmade body scrub Meyer would craft in her own kitchen, putting in Mason jars to gift to family and friends.

“It was a product made out of necessity,” Meyer explains. “It’s something I used religiously on myself and was happy to share.”

The all-natural product is made of brown sugar, certified organic coconut, and sweet almond oil, amongst other beneficial ingredients. It smells so good it could be mistaken as edible, and is packaged in upcycled glass making it environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing for any shower ledge. “It was important to me to include zero waste by honoring the environment in what we do,” Meyer says. “It’s not easy, but it’s important that we make small efforts to reduce or make a difference in the way we dispose of things. Putting the body scrub in a finishing glass was always something I did, and I wanted that element of it to stay.”

Since C & The Moon’s official launch this past July, the small-but-mighty jar has landed on the pages of Vogue and InStyle, and has earned the top score on EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Data Base. Its Level 1 rating warrants the lowest toxicity level and healthiest ingredients per scientific literature and government and health agencies. (Pair that with the testimonials Meyer receives in her DM’s and it’s no wonder why C & The Moon is a strong ally in the clean beauty movement.)

Meyer herself is someone who has always struggled with sensitive skin, bad allergies, and extreme sensitivity to toxins. “I know what it feels like to have stuff appear through the skin, and I know it can take a toll on you emotionally,” Meyer shares. “It makes me really happy to know that C & The Moon is helping people. In any job you do that’s what the ultimate goal is — to know your work is touching others, adding something positive to their lives.”

C & The Moon encourages women to feel beautiful, to not hide from anything, and to embrace their skin. “Our skin is the only organ we see on the outside and it’s something we can’t hide or run from,” Meyer says. “Be gentle with the process and know that it’s a journey. It’s about supporting it, feeling good, and learning how to communicate with our bodies.”

It’s this gentle touch that she carries into C & The Moon’s business model, slowly but surely planning to release more products in the near future — ones that will, no doubt, be every bit as healthy and hand-crafted as the first.

Kaitlynn Labit is a freelance writer and editor based in Orange County who lives for brunch and believes in the power of retail therapy and extensive skincare.

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