Cancer, Casually: Farzaneh Noori of Yoga House

04.11.2019 Lindsay DeLong Podcasts

This week we welcome Farzaneh Noori, the founder of Pasadena’s Yoga House to the show. Farzaneh is a yogi who found great comfort in her practice after being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 52.

Following receipt of the dreaded “results call” from her doc, Farzaneh did not experience panic but instead fell into awareness, stillness, and a deep sense of interconnectedness. It was yoga that became a guiding force in her life as she underwent both surgery and chemo, often pushing herself to “be the yoga” from the hospital bed. Since then, Farzaneh has gone on to pay it forward, offering free yoga classes for cancer patients and survivors at Yoga House.

This episode will remind you of the true gift that yoga gives us — it’s real-life training in disguise, preparing us for some of life’s biggest challenges that happen off the mat. And Farzaneh has definitely mastered that (along with handstands and inversions, of course).

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