Andaz Maui’s Detoxing Hawaiian Retreat Has Us All Booking Flights This Summer

04.06.2019 Arts & Culture
Anna Guilford
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Andaz Maui at Wailea’s “Be Well” retreat, taking place August 30th to September 2nd, is a getaway that aims to immerse travelers in Hawaiian culture through community, wellness, and nature.

Far from a vacation that will have you running to your nearest cold-pressed juice shop for a toxin cleanse when you get home, these three days at Andaz Maui will have you living your best life while staying active and in-tune with your body.

Guests on retreat will indulge in yoga, meditation, and exercise classes while dining on world-class food and partaking in premier spa treatments — all with the number one rated beach in the world serving as their personal playground.

The Andaz Maui offers Be Well as not only a time for folks to detox and manifest positivity, but to enjoy and honor the culture of Hawaii. “We want our guests to be immersed in the culture,” says Jackie Yulo, director of the Andaz Maui Spa. “The retreat begins with a water cleansing ceremony where guests are submerged in water to release and wash of negative thoughts. It is extremely spiritual.”

Every morning will begin with a workout class led by fitness guru Joie Ruggiero, that is sure to get the energy flowing for the day ahead. Joie will pump up the group in HITT (high intensity interval training) style classes, with a focus on core and cardio, burning calories and freeing the mind.

All that high intensity interval training is sure to conjure up an appetite, so the Andaz Maui will be offering an on-sight locally sourced fruit juicer, as well as Hawaiian-inspired meals from local restaurant, Ka’ana (which means “to share”). Menus will include various types of fish, fruit, and vegetables, light on the meat and dairy.

“All meals are served family-style as sharing plates so that everyone interacts with one another,” explains Yulo. “Our goal is to get the guests to let go of boundaries and fully step out of their comfort zone to meet new people.”

Morning workouts, healthy meals, and mediation are sure to melt away the stress providing a space to recharge, relax, and renew. While mornings and nights are spent together as a community through exercise and meals, lunchtime and afternoons are free for spontaneity where guests can explore the island on their own time.

Prices for the retreat range from $799+ per night for single occupancy to $999+ for double occupancy, with special prices for those who live on the island.

“This is a unique retreat because usually pricing is all or nothing,” says Yulo. “Be Well has decided to offer a day pass for locals at just $399 because it is important to us to include those who visit the island and those who live on it.”

The Andaz Maui hopes to serve as a beautiful space for wellness, relaxation, and rejuvenation and is excited to share their award-winning hotel with a new community. Reservations can be made through the Hyatt website.

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