In honor of March being Women’s History Month, we’re debuting our “Women and Their WHY” series, showcasing inspiring women who are making positive changes in the world (and who we are totally girl-crushing on daily).

Who she is:

Jena Covello, founder of the luxury green beauty company, Agent Nateur.

What she does:

Jena inspires healing through the products she creates and the personal content she shares on her social platforms. She used the pain and discomfort of her endometriosis and adenomyosis diagnoses to discover her WHY — educating herself and taking full responsibility of her body in terms of healing.

On her Instagram she not only shares artfully curated product photos from her it-girl brand, but also delivers insights from her own myriad of health and wellness tips.

Aligned with her WHY for 10 years, Jena’s beauty products range from oceanic adaptogens to vegan body serums that nurture full person beauty, from the inside out. Every product is connected to Jena’s desire to promote healing in the lives of her customers — her community members.

What makes her work different:

Jena believes her physical pain enabled her to tap into her calling to create effective, transformative green beauty formulas. Everything she produces through her cult-followed line, Agent Nateur is approved by a chemist and comes from a deep, inspired place.

She shares, “This adenomyosis journey I’m on allows me to create formulas on a deep, soul level. When people began telling me that H o l i (o i l) was healing their scars and wounds, I put the two together.”

How does she unwind?

The Om mantra and doing things she truly enjoys like spending quality time with her closest friends, snuggling her cat, and maintaining consistent communication with her Instagram followers fortify her commitment to her WHY every day. And of course, “Meditation, meditation, meditation!”

To the women who think they have a WHY, but are not yet sure how to move their work into the world:

“Follow your heart, don’t follow the crowd,” Jena advises. “Get in touch with what makes you truly happy and don’t ever give up.” Jena launched Agent Nateur with $300, one very clear vision, and one product (her now internationally beloved and Goop-approved deodorant).

Who does she look up to?

Jena shares our enduring admiration for Rosa Parks, “the mother of the freedom movement.”

Jasmin Jenkins is an intuitive connector and community builder based in Los Angeles. She was most recently the Head of Partnerships at THINX, and is currently consulting with mission driven startups. You can find her at The Class over, The Standard.

Illustration credit: Juliet Romano.

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