The Universe is Held Together by Sound

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PJ MacGregor
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As humans, music is our universal language and connector. It’s an ancient technology that dates back to the origins of our species and remains infinitely relevant to our human experience today. Throughout time we have relied on sound and music to soothe, uplift, and raise the vibration of humanity. It holds us together personally, culturally, and romantically.  

PJ MacGregor, the co-founder of electric human, an LA gift shop based on giving with purpose, believes music is a gift and transmits an undying energy that you can always plug into. With an invisible physicality, it moves your mind and body. “When we share it with the intent to move someone it becomes far more than a song. It becomes a deeply personal, heartfelt gift that connects you to a moment, a place, a person, a feeling whenever you hear it,” shares MacGregor. “We feel each other through the music we give and receive.”

Here, he shares how the sharing of music is not only an act of love, but an exchange of energy.

Sound creates a powerful and intimate connection —

Music is primal and our physical and emotional responsiveness to it began in the womb. All humans have been programmed with the impulse to make — or partake — in music. When an artist’s emotion is converted into song and then transmitted to us, it contains an invisible physicality and energy that creates a powerful and intimate connection. We take it deep into our bodies. The limbic system (the same neural network that controls our most treasured and traumatic experiences) processes and stores sound by bundling it with what we were feeling when we heard it for the first time.

Emotions translate into sound —

In the infinite combination of the 12 notes that shape every single melody, we are able to find comfort, understanding, and human connection. Like a lucid dream, music happens to us. Even though we’re aware and present, we can’t control it. At once, our feelings are translated into sound and the sounds we hear are translated into feelings.  

Music energizes our sense of self and belonging —

We can find ourselves and each other in music. It can open doors within us that we didn’t know existed. Music is a vibrant and perpetually growing part of our identity. What we listen to and what moves us illuminates so much about who we are and what we’re feeling. It energizes our sense of self and belonging.

Sounds are metamorphic —

A single sound or note can completely change the way we feel or see things. When we need an antidote to being alone or feel achingly distant from the ones we love, music is there for us. When we want someone to know that we’re thinking about, music is there. We can transport ourselves at the speed of sound to the feelings, people, and moments that have moved and shaped us and that we want to hold closer.   

MacGregor recommends sharing music with loved ones — whether it be a song, playlist, or sound frequency — to let them know they’re being thought of. “While it feels like a small gift or gesture, it has always been a way for me to create and maintain a meaningful connection. It’s also my fastest way to happiness and a beautiful way to share a piece of yourself with someone you care about.” He shares some of his favorite various forms of music below:


A single song may seem insignificant or small, but as with everything we give, it’s not about how much we give, but rather how much energy and intention we put into choosing that single song. In time, songs can become chapters in our shared story that we can continue to go back to.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve found myself moved by so many incredible moments in films where the cinematic coupling of a beautiful scene and song is goosebump-inducing and forever sealed in my mind. Finding these particular clips can be a bit of work, but it’s always worth taking the time to find just the right one that paints the picture of what you’re feeling and what you want to express.  


A mantra is a sound repeated to aid concentration. By repeating a thought or idea, it anchors you to the present moment. Spiritual benefits are liberating your mind and letting go of any attachment to things you can’t control. Sending someone a mantra can be a powerful way to connect with them. It’s like sending a dose of strength and energy.


Raga means color. Just like colors have various hues, every raga has unique sounds. Ragas typically depict the mood of love, compassion, peace, and courage. They are a pattern of notes with characteristic intervals, rhythms, and embellishments. They are deeply meditative and an excellent thing to share with someone to help dissolve negative thoughts. They bring balance to mental and emotional states.


Sending someone an affirmation can be a transformative message, as well as a gift. When you are deeply relaxed, your subconscious mind is more open to positive suggestions. Sending an affirmation communicates to someone just how special you think they are.


My love for music runs deep and I surround myself with it constantly. I’m always listening for the next song that moves me. The times you lived through, the people you shared those times with — nothing brings it all to life like an old mix tape… or a more modern playlist, of course. Every playlist tells a story, so put them together, and they’ll add up to the story of a life.

electric human created this playlist to keep you inspired.

electric human is a gift shop vibing on a whole new frequency. Founded in Los Angeles by creative polymaths Amanda Hayward and PJ MacGregor, the company was born out of a long-held belief that gift-giving sparks a connection capable of bringing people closer together through expressions of love, understanding, and gratitude — all fundamental elements that make us human.

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